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Nick still remains at Regions as we await the finalization of his transition to the next part of his recovery process. Yesterday he was allowed a home pass where he enjoyed spending the day watching football with friends and family. Nick's cognition and balance continues to improve although everyday is still a challenge that he continues to embrace with courage and strength.
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Lisa Stanford
By Lisa Stanford
thanks for the updates, India. We're thinking about Nick & the challenges that lie ahead, grateful that he's here and able to face them. I was sorting through old photos today from the 90's and see so many with Michael & Nick in them; I said a little prayer of thanks at each one I came across.
Linda Kittler
By Linda Kittler and Pat Kittler
Glad to hear about Nick's progress. He is certainly blessed to have you, India, and his Mom to support him. We continue to believe in his total recovery. Love and Hugs, from Auntie and Grandpa
kymi kieffer
By kymi kieffer
We will continue to pray for you both!