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Sunday, January 1, 2014

Good evening all,
First of all, thank you to Alex and her sister for organizing such a great and successful benefit and to everyone who was able to make it! Today, Nick was allowed a home pass! He came home this morning and a few friends and family came to visit. He watched football on the couch and was so excited to see our dog. All in all, the home pass was a success! Nick is expected to dispatch from the hospital on Thursday. The next step is a transitional care unit (we are unsure of which one at the moment). The home pass helped give Nick a light to the end of the tunnel and a little push to keep working hard. It is a long road, but he can get there. Please continue to pray for strength and that Nick has courage to commit to a long road of recovery. 
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Kimm Thiboldeaux
By Kimm Thiboldeaux (Campus Scheduling - UST)
Yeah! Nick I'm so glad you were able to get a day pass. Keep pushing, the harder you work now the closer you will be to your goal! Hang in there, keep fighting and know that you have a HUGE team of supporters that you don't know and don't see that are thinking of you and praying for you EVERY DAY.
Amie Bruneau
By Amie Bruneau
Great news on Nick's progress. The benefit was a success, you have a great bunch of people pulling for you Nick. And you looked great on your video message to us at the benefit. We believe in you Nick, push hard we know you can do it.
lynn stokke
By lynn stokke
So glad to hear Nick was able to be home, see the dog, have visitors and watch TV! This is great progress! I will continue to hold Nick and your family in prayer for strength and full recovery.
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Julie Braegelmann
By Julie Braegelmann (Leah's mother-in law)
The fundraiser last night was alot of fun. It was great privilege to be there. We'll keep praying for that full recovery!!
Rhonda Rosen
By Rhonda Rosen
Hi Bergeland Famiy,

Praise God for all he is doing for Nick! Will be lifting Nick up in prayer for continued healing. God bless you.