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Nichole’s Story

Welcome to Nichole's CaringBridge site. We have so much joy in our lives with Nichole that we can't help but want to share our lives with our Purple Princess. We hope you will be blessed as we are.

Please be sure to read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook.

The world may see what Nichole cannot do, but we rejoice in the incredible young lady she has become. A fierce prayer warrior in her sister's image, a loyal and loving friend.

Nichole does not mind her litany of diagnoses and she is not the sum of things she cannot do. The world ay see her as a child who does not walk or talk and mistakenly assume she does not understand, but they could not be more wrong. She has a passion for reading and school and loves to encourage others. Nichole has made a powerful impact on many, many lives and we are very grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. We try to update monthly, so check back when you have time.

Doug, Valerie & Nichole

Latest Journal Update

An update from the past couple of days – from Facebook

We apologize for not updating in the past couple of days, but it has been difficult juggling our time and keeping Facebook updated. I picked up a couple of updates from our Facebook pages.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. We are all grateful!

– Doug

10/17 7:13 PM

Nichole, Doug & I are solo until Tuesday, so our time here will probably be limited. Please know how much we love and appreciate all the prayers and messages and read each one, whether we have time to "like" them or reply. Praying everyone has a great weekend! 

10/18 1:11 AM

Enjoyed a later night visit with Laura, Ryan, Tasheina and her two younger kids, Destini & Kasey. Nichole also got to FaceTime with aunt Lisa and little cousin, Kyle from Florida who are in Wisconsin. Doug & I are very grateful for continued prayers as now Nichole's best response is to open her eyes or try to eye point to answer questions. She is in no pain, but gaining fluids, and still very cool. Praying for a peaceful night...

10/18 7:00 PM

Nichole got a chance to face time with her family today, and the second time had some open eyes for Travis & Jessica! Doug & I are so grateful to them for all their love and support!

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Judy and Ken Hammett
By Judy, Ken, Shawnee, Kimberly and Blake
You know you are all in our prayers. So glad Nichole has been able to respond in her own way at this time. And so thankful there is no pain. We love all of you. God be with each of you.
bj boykin
By bj boykin
all my love and prayers are with all of you. always in my heart.
Eda Wilson
By Eda Wilson
Nicole, Valerie and Doug are lifted up in church today. Know our prayers continue!
Donna Franklin
By Donna Franklin
Our continued prayers & love.
Donna & Bruce
Rose-Marie Gallagher
By Rose-Marie and the Gallagher crew
Thanks for the updates (especially from this antique non-user of Facebook). We continue to hold you all in our prayers, especially while you hold down the fort until Tuesday. Know that you aren't alone...the Holy Spirit is there with you to give you strength, peace, and comfort.