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Nichole’s Story

Welcome to Nichole's CaringBridge site. We have so much joy in our lives with Nichole that we can't help but want to share our lives with our Purple Princess. We hope you will be blessed as we are.

Please be sure to read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook.

The world may see what Nichole cannot do, but we rejoice in the incredible young lady she has become. A fierce prayer warrior in her sister's image, a loyal and loving friend.

Nichole does not mind her litany of diagnoses and she is not the sum of things she cannot do. The world ay see her as a child who does not walk or talk and mistakenly assume she does not understand, but they could not be more wrong. She has a passion for reading and school and loves to encourage others. Nichole has made a powerful impact on many, many lives and we are very grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. We try to update monthly, so check back when you have time.

Doug, Valerie & Nichole

Latest Journal Update

"Nesting Nichole" and remembering simple joys

Thought y'all might like hearing Nichole's laughter again. She absolutely loved making this video showing how we put her to bed. Please forgive my girth and the amateur shooting from my iPhone on the headboard of her waterbed. Can't remember when i shot this, but probably a couple of years ago. I still think it turned out pretty great, and her laugh is absolutely infectious.  Doug and i cried watching it tonight, but are so very thankful to have captured this "lesson". Funny thing was, Nichole would laugh all over again when we played it for others. What a precious young lady we were blessed to love!