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Nicholas’s Story

My name is Nicholas Rogers from Moville, IA.  I was involved in a four-wheeler accident on February 5, 2011.  I was out with my buddies and was rolling up to talk with them.  My four-wheeler sunk into a snow bank and tossed me off.  I landed on my head and shattered C-5 vertebrae in my neck.  I was going about 5 MPH and wasn't ready for my sudden stop.  Now I am in the fight of my life to get back on my feet, on the basketball court, back to work, back to school, back to my normal routine.  I have an awesome family and friends to get me through this.  Wish me luck!

Latest Journal Update


We are moving into 2012 with a lot of hope and energy to see Nick get the improvement we are praying for.  We re-visited Craig Hospital week after Thanksgiving and got a real 'thumbs up'.  Doctors and therapists were pleased with Nick's progress and showed us a few things to assist us in even more.  It was a great visit - next one is next Thanksgiving.

We are hoping to get Nick's manual chair soon.  That will provide great therapy and more options for mobility moving forward.  He has to gain a lot of strength to go very far, but we have to start somewhere.

Hope all had a great holiday season and may God bless you all in 2012.