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Nathan’s Story

 Thank you for visiting and joining all the friends and family to support Nathan in his fight against cancer.

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 In February 2011, Nathan Tutt was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Colorectal Cancer. A baseball sized tumor was removed but the cancer had already spread to his lymph nodes. He immediately began chemotherapy treatments. After 12 treatments, the cancer spread to his liver, lungs, and created a wall of cancer cells along his abdomen.

The speed at which Nathan's cancer is advancing has left his doctors with no hope of stopping it.  Nathan never wavered when approached by his doctors with their pitied expressions telling him to get his affairs in order.  He politely left and continued his journey to health with renewed vigor.  He is now battling his advancing cancer with alternative and conventional treatments at Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, NV under the watch of Dr. James Forsythe.  We pray for complete remission but would be blessed to stop the advancement of this incredible force.

We have started this blog in order to keep up communication with all you all.  Your words of encouragement and prayers give Nathan the strength he needs to beat this.  May God bless us all with good health!

Latest Journal Update


I apologize for not updating sooner. Nathan finally found his relief from his pain and struggle the night of November 29th. In his short time here, he managed to touch so many of our lives, and we are all better for it. Thank you for your beautiful words. The guestbook has been such a comfort to the family.

Thank you, Nathan, for loving me so ferociously. Thank you for giving me a beautiful daughter. She has your heart. Thank you for our son. He has your determination and spirit. Thank you committing your life to me. You have made me the happiest woman and have given me more than I could ever ask. No regrets, My Love. I will always be your Nubbie.