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Nathan’s Story

Nathan is a 5 year old little boy with all the energy in the world. Nathan has a wonderful mommy, step-dad, and a wonderful brother who has been battling Epilepsy for 2 1/2 years now, along with many wonderful family members.

 He was diagnosed with Autism around 2 years old and has worked very hard to overcome many struggles. 

Here is how our journey begins.....On June 19, 2013 Nathan was swimming at a friends house, when he fell in the pool and was trapped under the float, he was unconscious for about 10 minutes, a wonderful young lady named Carly performed CPR and brought our Nate back.  He was in the hospital over night and released.....he then began complaining of stomach pain, 1 trip to the ER and its just a stomach virus, 2nd trip to the ER we are informed that he had a huge mass on his spleen and they were calling in St. Judes.  Within 3 hours he was on his way to Memphis to begin our journey to recovery.

Neuroblastoma is the ugly cancer (Stage 3) is what we are battling.  Nathan has named his mass "Fishy-Fishy". 

We appreciate all the prayers and support that can be given to Nathan, Stephanie Gibbs (his mom), Robert Gibbs (Step-Dad), Evan (Big Brother), Sheila Dunson (Grandmother), Larry Dunson (Grandpa), Ray Holmes (Grandpa), Cindy Holmes (Nonnie), Brandy Travers (Aunt Bebe), Byron Travers ( Uncle), Kalei Donaldson (Ki-Ki), and Bramlett (favorite cousin).

There have been accounts set-up for Nathan at PNC bank under Cindy Holmes and at Redstone Federal Credit Union under Nathan T. Harms/Robert Gibbs.  If you make any donations please email us and let us know. want to thank you in advance for all your prayers, love and support. 

If you need to get in touch with us please send us an email,  We need all the love and support we can get. 

Thank you so much.