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It was 2 years ago today that Nathan came home, as a Wounded Warrior. He was wounded in Afghanistan on July 8th. I remember so much about that day and the difficult days that followed. But, on Friday, July 13, 2012 (yes, Friday the 13th!), his dad and I were on hand at Walter Reed to watch the medical professionals unload the biggest ambulance (think tractor/trailer) that we had ever seen. Nathan was the last one of 13 WW’s to be unloaded. My heart was beating so fast and I felt a mix of sheer panic and exhilaration. It took a few minutes for them to transfer his IV’s, etc to start their walk down the ramp to bring him out of the vehicle. I heard him say “I should have an entourage here somewhere” and I was at his side in seconds. It was such a wonderful reunion. I didn't cry and I’m still trying to understand that. I’m the kind that cries at a Hallmark commercial but, what I felt at that moment of seeing him and being able to hug him, talk to him, was just nothing but joy…no tears allowed! We were escorted inside to the elevator and made our way to the 4th floor which was reserved for Wounded Warriors. As soon as the double doors opened, 2 navy nurses were waiting. One put her hand on Nathan’s shoulder and said “welcome home warrior”…..(that’s when I wanted to cry!).
This year on the 2nd anniversary, Anton, Bridget and I had dinner at Nathan’s beautiful new home. We helped him to hang the picture posted here over his sofa. As we hung the picture, I asked Nathan what it meant to him. He said “it’s a reminder that God is always reaching out to us and we have to reach back”. Yes, indeed. I told him the picture reminds me of the F15 story….he smiled.
For those that haven’t heard that part of the story, Nathan tells it something like this. When he stepped on the IED in Afghanistan, he was flying through the air and he remembered thinking “this isn’t good”. After he landed on the ground, his medic began his work and Nathan realized he was awake, could see, had his hands, arms, etc, and he sent up a prayer…”hey got this, right? You got this?” Moments later an F15 appeared out of nowhere to do a serious fly-by right over their location. Nathan’s guys had radioed their position back to the FOB and the commanders had requested backup. We assume the F15 was somewhere in the area and was able to reach their destination quickly. The screaming engines of the F15 so low over the area was dramatic to say the least. But it was more than drama. It was also a very creative and direct response to his prayer. “YES, NATHAN. I’VE GOT THIS!”
I am in awe when I look back over the past 2 years and see all that the Lord has done in Nathan’s life and in the lives of our family. I could NEVER have guessed all that has followed. This sums it up well:
Ephesians 3:20-21 – For He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory…forever and ever!

thanks to all those who have been, and continue to be a part of this incredible journey. We are indebted to you!
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Steve Connell
By Steve Connell
I am in constant awe and wonder at the glories of our God. I am grateful and blessed to know you and I thank you for your faithfulness and courage. We are not to put our lamps under baskets. Yours shines brightly. God bless you.
vada hayes
By Vada Hayes
Nathan - congratulations on your 2 year anniversary. You remain in our prayers and we wish success and
happiness for your future. THANKS for all you have done for my freedom. Thanks to all Wounded Warriors for all they have given for our country.
Stephanie Sautter
By Stephanie Sautter
I love every single thing about this story but my two favorite parts are 1) the love this family has shared and continues to show for one another and 2) the faith and unbreakable trust they (especially Nathan) have in our Heavenly Father. From hearing some of the stories while he was up at Walter Reed and knowing a lot of other soldiers did not share this same connection saddens me.
One of my favorite pictures is of Nathan and I, the day he came to Allscripts, as he is truly a hero of mine. I have been and will continue to wear my 'RANGERS LEAD THE WAY' bracelet as when I need strength or courage I remember what it must have been like for him on the battlefield and it gets me thru.
Rimpf family, may God continue to bless each and every one of you.
Mary Galbraith
Cindy, I thought of Nathan on July 8 too. I'm so happy he is doing so well and I love the beautiful picture and the F15 story. Wow. Nathan you continue to be in my prayers of thanks for your recovery. You are inspiring and AWESOME!

Please keep Charlie in your prayers as he is deployed again.
God Bless,
Mary Galbraith
Evelyne Volny-Anne Nguyen
By Evelyne Volny-Anne Nguyen
Time flies! Nathan will always be our hero, an awesome example to follow when one is down or feeling in pain or weak. I am so proud of Nathan, of you, Nathan's mom, of your family. You are all very special and it is an honor to know wonderful people such as you. I was looking at old pictures of my son Patrick with Nathan when they were at Fort Benning, for Ranger School. And I remember Nathan was the one who drove Patrick back to us at the hotel since he was not allowed to drive until he rested enough! We could have never guessed what happened a few months after. I cried many times just reading your positive comments. You'll all be in my heart and prayers always. <3
I love the picture Nathan chose, very symbolic.