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Unexpected Journey

Well it has been one exciting week, both good and not so good! We took our summer trip to Camp Sunshine during a general oncology session. We were able to spend time with old friends and make many new friends. They have some of the best volunteers in the country. Sarah, Matthew, Nathan and Tabitha always get so attached to their counselors. Nathan always looks forward to seeing his one-on-one counselor, Ms. Sarah. Camp again this year was so great just spending time with other pediatric cancer families. There is such a camaraderie that is formed with families. Bobby and I also enjoy the camp so much. This year however Bobby fell the first night of camp playing tag with the kids and each day continued to experience terrible shoulder pain. Which we initially thought was a strained muscle or even the doctor at the camp thought it could be a bruised bone.

We knew the trip home from camp was going to be long. However, we just didn't know how long. We left camp on Wednesday at 2:30 for a 5:00 flight from Portland, Maine going to DC. From DC we were supposed to take a plane to Charlotte and then back home to Lynchburg, Virginia - getting home around midnight and then driving to Duke the next morning for Nathan's appointments. Unfortunately, the weather caused the Charlotte plane to be extremely delayed which ended up canceling our Lynchburg flight so we were stuck in DC. Matthew got really upset because he was worried that Nathan would not get to his appointment at Duke to get his medicine. He started crying and then we all just started praying that God would provide away. We met a really nice lady at the airport who brought us up to the front of the customer service line and try to help us in getting Nathan to Duke. Finally close to midnight, we rented an SUV to just drive from DC to Nathan's appointment at Duke.

We drove about 2 1/2 hours and spent the night on the other side of Richmond. During the drive it was really neat because we saw a tractor-trailer in front of us and when our lights hit it just right it had the verse John 14:27 sketched into the back of it where Jesus says, "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." It was as if the Lord was saying, "Don't worry, I've got this!" His timing and ways are always perfect. "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful." (Hebrews 10:23 NKJV)

Needless to say, we did get to Duke this morning and Nathan got to have his lab work done, his echocardiogram of his heart, and get his medicine for the next 28 days. While Nathan, Matthew, Tabitha, and I were in the appointment with Nathan, Sarah and Bobby went over to the emergency department to get his shoulder looked at. He has shingles. The rash just started coming up last night but a lot more today and so they said he wasn't contagious before. Since the kids have all their vaccinations against chicken pox the doctor is not as concerned that they will get them. I am the only one who has not had chicken pox so I am not immune and I cannot take the vaccine or antiviral medicine due to an allergy. I feel so bad for Bobby, he feels so bad. They put him on an antiviral medicine and pain medicine to hopefully knock it out of his system a little bit quicker. He had been on prednisone for several weeks and is on it off and on throughout the year for his COPD so that may have weakened his system and the fall on Sunday may have triggered it. They told him to just keep the rash covered and that was the only way to transmit it. Praying for God's healing hand on him and hedge of protection around us. Thank you all for your continued love, prayers, and encouragement for our family!

Please remember my grandmother (Jean) and Aunt Brenda in your prayers as they have been battling for some time now. Also my mom, Lisa, who has had many health problems for years but still managed to help us from home get our lost luggage back to Lynchburg and have a wonderful dinner waiting when we arrived home this evening. Please also remember our other friends who are battling Caroline, Nathan T, Ethan, Ezra, Cullen, Jaxson, MC, and many more.
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gail dean
By Gail Dean
Calamine lotion helps the itching a lot my dad has had the Shingles and we had to help put it on the way we did it was with tissues and have the lotion on the tissue and just rubit by dabbing it on the skin
gail dean
By Gail Dean
gail dean
By Gail Dean
Calamine lotion helps the itching a lot my dad has had the Shingles and we had to help put it on the way we did it was with tissues and have the lotion on the tissue and just rubit by dabbing it on the skin
gail dean
By Gail Dean
Calamine lotion helps the itching a lot my dad has had the Shingles and we had to help put it on the way we did it was with tissues and have the lotion on the tissue and just rubit by dabbing it on the skin
Bonnie Ermilio
By Bonnie Ermilio
I love the above picture of the whole family. You all look like you had a great time at the camp.
I so sorry to hear that Bobby has shingles. That's why his shoulder kept on hurting. I'm praying that they go away quickly and that Bobby is not in a lot of pain.
I'm sending LOTS of hugs and prayers to adorable Nathan. He is one of my HAPPY MAIL FOR ILL CHILDREN children. He will be receiving some mail soon.
I'm also praying for all the people you asked prayers for.
I'm 66 1/2 years old and also never had the chicken pox. I made it through 2 children. Now I have 4 grandchildren and I'm a little nervous about it.
Well, take care and love to you and your whole family.
Cindy Spear
By Cindy Spear
I'm so sorry for your troubles along the way…and I'm so glad Nathan made it back in time for his appointments. Thank the Lord he watched over you all and made a way. Praying for healing of all your family's ailments and diseases. May God bless you as as you serve Him.
gene walsh
By Eugene Walsh & Dan Levins
Sorry for your troubles, besides the medical condition, you don't need all the extra drama. GOD BLESS YOU! Keep the faith, GOD WORKS WONDERS. There will always be set backs on your difficult to recovery, but your very strong and have a good faith and Trust in the Lord which helps you through the road of healing. Always in our prayers, Fireman Gene
Dorothy Mitchell
i am so glad youll found a way for nathan to get to his appointment. this has been one strong family about everything that youll are going through. god has made a way to take care of his children. my prayers go out to all of your family and your grandmother jean she has been a dear friend to me. hope all the very best. god takes care of his own
Laura Gwyn
By Laura Gwyn
Glad you all had a good trip. God is a pray answering God. It was a blessing reading how someone helped you and your family. And then seeing the Bible verve on the back of the truck. Hope your husband feels better soon also. Prayers God bless
Michelle Holloway
By The Holloway Family-NY
Dear Norman Family,
Wow~that made me worn out just reading about your unexpected journey! I will continue to say multitudes of prayers for your family.
With Love,
The Holloway Family-Liberty, NY