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Clinical trial

Nathan started the clinical trial for AZD6244 this morning. Still have bloodwork throughout the day. So far he is doing well. He will take this chemo twice a day everyday for possibly up to 26 months if he does well with it and doesn't have tumor progression while on it. Dr G read the scans, the tumors' size appears to be unchanged since Feb scan but the main brain tumor appears to be enhancing more (which means more blood supply feeding tumor) so we are praying this trial helps to keep things stable. Thank you all for your continued prayers! Keep them coming! Lord willing we will come home tomorrow. Then back next week to see Dr Muh, his neurosurgeon.
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Bonnie Ermilio
By Bonnie Ermilio
I'm sending LOTS of hugs and prayers to Norman!!!
susan  herskovits
By Susan
Praying for Nathan and your family, dear one.
Sarah DiGerolamo
By Sarah DiGerolamo
I am hoping and praying the new trial works! I am always thinking of you.
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Lisa Bushey
By Lisa Bushey
I am so glad that Nathan was able to begin the trial today. What a welcomed arrival of good news after such a long wait, and what a blessing from God. I will continue to pray that God is with you every step of the way, allowing this new treatment to stabilize/shrink the tumors, with as few side effects as possible. God Bless all of you! Nathan, you're the best and the bravest!
Chele C
By Chele
Praying for you all from this side of the world! Nathan's perseverance makes me think of Joshua 1:9. May the Lord be your joyous Strength and your constant Shield.
Valerie Keller
By The Keller Family
God is good.
Valerie Keller
By The Keller Family
God is good!
Dorothy Mitchell
so glad to hear of the progress of nathan. keep up the good work. god is good
Cindy Spear
By Cindy Spear
I am excited this is available for Nathan…and praying this will help. Beyond that, I am praying for the Lord's grace and healing. May you feel God's presence each and every day.

In Christ's love,
Kim Ponder
By Kim Riemer
God bless Nathan during this new phase of treatments! Praying you feel good, energized, and this will destroy those tumors!!