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EKG, Echo, MRI

Home from Duke finally. It was a good day, just long from 8am - 6pm. We won't know results of EKG, Echo, and MRI until we see doctor on Monday. Nathan was such a trooper, didn't fuss even one time. He even chose not to take Valium before going into the sedation MRI. They just used general anesthesia. The nurses could have eaten him up he was so cute! Sarah, Matt, and Tabby did great with Grandma Lisa, and Daddy took turns being with me and Nate and helping with the other three.

Please pray for all of our other friends battling and say a special prayer for Caroline, Cullen, Dylan, Ethan, Kaydon, and Tim, as well as all of our other friends we usually post names of.
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Richard Heers, Sr.
By Rick Heers
We, in Immokalee, pray with you for Nathan daily...and send requests out for others to do the same. We are trusting GOD for total deliverance, and strength and peace for the whole family. Thank you for the privilege of praying with you for him and the others on your lists. We have truly learned to love you all though we've never met.
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Sarah Hamilton
By Sarah Hamilton
Thank you for your prayers! Sending mine, along with countless well-wishes for Nathan!
Nancy Wright
Praying that Nathan's treatments will be successful.....
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Connie Wolkowicz
By Connie Wolkowicz
What a trooper!! Good job Nathan. We are all proud of you! We continue to uplift you in prayer
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