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Hi, my name is Natalie and I'm a precocious little 8-year old girl whose smile is infectious for all that know me.  If you are reading this you're probably friends or family of my parents, or maybe you are my friend.  If you are not you will be by joining me on this journey.

This site is going to help the people that love me tell you, my friends, how my journey is going.  So please, stick around, pray hard and help me get better.


Sydney Sauer signed Natalie's Guestbook.

Very well said Steve..........You and your family have been on my mind all of break and just been recalling this time last year for us at Heartland.  Natalie was a ... Read more

Kerri Gaillard signed Natalie's Guestbook.

What a wonderful post! We're amazed at the continued support for Natalie, the Fund, and the entire Fleischaker family! 💗💙💗💙 I'm amazed that our kiddos still ... Read more

Nicole Longmore signed Natalie's Guestbook.

Fantastic news about the foundation. I am very interested to know where funds will go for Research & Treatment. Very clever name. We will be delighted to attend the 5k & ... Read more

Bonnie Kay signed Natalie's Guestbook.

You are in my prayers and Natalie always owns a piece of my heart. Thank you for posting, I will be looking for the website and how we can support your mission. Blessings~ Read more

Dorothy Eagan signed Natalie's Guestbook.

Great news about Natalie's ART organization! We will be there for the run and will help in any way. Ashley how about a job for the Bunco babes for the event? We are with ... Read more

Kerry Kuluva signed Natalie's Guestbook.

You guys have done some amazing things already, not even a year after Natalie's passing.  I can only imagine what's to come. You are constantly in our thoughts and ... Read more

Ashley & Steve Fleischaker posted a new journal entry, "Save The Date!!!".

It's funny how grief functions.  At time it can be overt, obvious, in your face and all consuming.  Others it is subtle, muted, to the point you don't realize it ... Read more

Hazel Longmore signed Natalie's Guestbook.

I can't imagine how tough every day is for you, or where you've found the strength not only to carry on but to live. I can only summise that it comes from Natalie. Hope ... Read more

Mike & Jack Lanzafame signed Natalie's Guestbook.

Steve and Ashley, there is not a day that goes by hardly that I don't think of precious Natalie.  I will forever be a supporter of St. Jude and all they do for the ... Read more

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