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Nataley Grayce’s Story

Nataley Grayce was born Nov. 13th 2006 at 5:33, Cookeville Regional Hospital. She was 1lb 6oz. and 12 in. long. She was tiny, but perfect, except she was 3 months early. On Nov. 15th at 3:18pm, our "Bump" got her wings.

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We found out we were pregnant on Fathers Day. From that moment on, this little girl was our world. We nicknamed her Bump. From day on she touched our lives in ways that only parents can understand. Nataley was born when i was 26 wks. pregnant due to a placenta abrubtion. Dr. Casal was wonderful, he did all he could to keep Nataley alive. She was sent to Vandy to the NICU. She was tiny, and because I was bleeding, she wasn't getting any oxygen so not only were all her organs underdeveloped, but they were severely damaged. Her heart,lungs, and kidneys, never worked on their own and her brain had a massive bleed.. Despite all the love, prayers, and machines, our precious Bump was getting worse. After 2 days of her fighting, on the 15th, we let her go to God! We had her service on the 18th, and with family and friends, we laid our daughter to rest.

Latest Journal Update


Well Bump, its been a while. It aint been easy. I've fallen apart, and slowly I'm trying to put the pieces back together. I want to hold you so bad. Some nights I wake up and I swear I can smell you. That scent of love and innocence, baby powder and trust. I think of you all the time. What happened, and what could have been. I don't try to fight it anymore. I just let the emotions roll. I cry less now, but I still hurt just like it was yesterday. I know some look at me and wonder why I don't just let it go. No one would ever say it out loud, but a person can't hide what is in their eyes. I see it and I wish I could explain to them, how a piece of me feels dead, not just empty, but dead. And then again I'm grateful that they have no idea how I feel. I wish no one ever had to feel this way. That no one ever had to know what its like to lose a child. I dreamt of you last wk. It wasn't a memory, it was an actual dream. You were older and it was right after bath time, and you were giggling and playing, and you were perfect. I wish we'd been given the chance to make a memory like that. I wish u could have stayed. I pray every night that you forgive me and that you accept my love, it will never fade. I may never get to hold you again, but still, I will never let you go.... Good Night my love. I'll see and hold you in my dreams.