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Thank you for visiting the Caring Bridge site for Dr. Nancy Vetscher, veterinarian, wife, mother, and grandmother. As we learn of changes to Nancy's condition, we will post them here.

On March 8th, 2011 Nancy was out on a call tending to one of her horse patients when she was kicked in the head, severely injuring the right side of her face. She was airlifted to North Memorial hospital, where we are told she is in the hands of Dr. Van Beek - a renowned reconstructive surgeon. Nancy suffered severe injury to the base of her orbital socket, which holds the eye in place. Her sinus cavity was completey collapsed, her mandible has been broken, and she has a large laceration from her forehead down beside her nose. Due to the swelling around her face, Nancy had a tracheotomy inserted. She is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery which includes a bone graft from her skull to rebuild the orbital socket. In addition, her jaw will be wired shut. Fortunately, there does not seem to be any cognitive impairments. When she was flown in, she was lucid and talking to the doctors. Nancy is a strong woman - once a single mother of three girls and always working hard at whatever she does in life. We know she can get through this. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


Allison Brady posted a new journal entry, "Another 9 hours".

What a day - another 9 hour surgery for mom. This time there were two surgeons - the ENT, and the plastic surgeon. The ENT went first and did quite a bit of work clearing ... Read more

Judy Knape signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Hi Nancy,I found this site after searching for you when I saw you were among the class missing in an email from Margaret Idema.  There's going to be an EGR class of 67 ... Read more

joyce buis signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Nancy,  Glad to hear that the surgery went well.  Nine hours is a long time for you and your family to go through.  Keep up the good work and good spirits.  XOXO  ... Read more

Roxanne Rickert signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you Nancy.  I just saw you on Monday tending to my horse.  What a gal!  Right in there checking Paco's leg and caring for him.  We ... Read more

Robert Condon signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Hello, Nancy: It's so good to see your continued progress. I love you. Hope we can talk soon. Bob Read more

barbara vetscher signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Glad everything went well.  Will talk after you get home.  Continue to progress  into the new year.  Merry Christmas! Read more

Lisa Borzynski signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Dear Nancy, Best wishes for a speedy recovery in this next phase of your healing! I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday. Thinking of you, Take care, Lisa Borzynski Read more

Colleen Carter signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Good morning Nancy.  It is time to let the healing begin.  I know you are in good hands and that the worst of this ordeal is ending.  You have shown such grace and ... Read more

Laurie Espelien signed Nancy's Guestbook.

Hip Bumps and High Fives to you, Auntie!!  You are a strong woman and I am proud to say we are related!  Take care and have a most fantastic holiday season with your ... Read more

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Dear Nancy, You are one amazing woman and an inspiration to us all.  I continue to keep you and your dear family in my prayers.  God's blessings to all for a wonderful ... Read more

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Nan, Good thoughts and wishes to you. Hang tough... if anyone can, you can. We're all really proud of you. Pam and Erik (Lanning) from MSU days Read more

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