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Myrel’s Story

On the night of November 18, 2011 around 11:10 PM Myrel Schermerhorn was involved in an accident on Hwy 29 near Frazee, MN. He was driving home from a friends house that he had visited after a fund raising banquet for our Dance Team and Wrestling Team, when he went around an icy corner and his car swirved/rolled into a lake near the roadway.

Thankfully he was found shortly after the incident happened. Paramedics arrived approximately five to ten minutes after he was found and brought to the St. Mary's Hospital in Detroit Lakes. After being stabilized, he was then transferred to Essentia Hospital in Fargo by ambulance.

Latest Journal Update


       This is the proudest Dad in the world but im sad to say myrel lost this match  Thank you for all your Prayers and God bless you all  

                   the Schermerhorns