By Tiara Nolan — Dec 7, 2013 3:24pm
Today the countdown begins another year, another year without your smiling face! I miss you so much. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the last day I saw you and say more, the picture from the forth floor is etched in my memory like a bad nightmare I would like to wake up from. Then I realize it is reality and you wont be coming back. So this year I will try to get through the denial and pain that comes with it. I see your smile in my memories like a stain I can not erase no matter how much I scrub. When I think you are gone... maybe next year I will be able to get past, But this year I will continue to sit in denial. Keeping you alive in my memory by living each day like it is my last. Being grateful for the things I have and putting 110% in because at the end of the day I am alive.... That's Beast Mode~ Missing you this year like every other day!! Wishing I could bring you back~