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On the night of November 18, 2011 around 11:10 PM Myrel Schermerhorn was involved in an accident on Hwy 29 near Frazee, MN. He was driving home from a friends house that he had visited after a fund raising banquet for our Dance Team and Wrestling Team, when he went around an icy corner and his car swirved/rolled into a lake near the roadway.

Thankfully he was found shortly after the incident happened. Paramedics arrived approximately five to ten minutes after he was found and brought to the St. Mary's Hospital in Detroit Lakes. After being stabilized, he was then transferred to Essentia Hospital in Fargo by ambulance.


Leah Schermerhorn posted a new journal entry.

       This is the proudest Dad in the world but im sad to say myrel lost this match  Thank you for all your Prayers and God bless you all   ... Read more

Tiara Nolan signed Myrel's Guestbook.

Today the countdown begins another year, another year without your smiling face! I miss you so much. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the last day I saw you and say ... Read more

Lucas Jepson signed Myrel's Guestbook.

Hey man, been thinking about you alot lately with school starting and everything going on in life. Ive been having a bunch of problems lately and hoping you could talk to ... Read more

isaac novacek signed Myrel's Guestbook.

word can not describe how much i miss u bud! thinking about you everyday ( especially when i am lifting weights) hope ur not dissapointed becasue i know our plans were to ... Read more

Alexis Tappe signed Myrel's Guestbook.

Myrel, I have been missing you crazy lately.  The morning greeting with a smile and hello! Everyday 5th hour, Chemistry, is just not the same with out you shouting ... Read more

Lucas Jepson signed Myrel's Guestbook.

Miss you so much man, love you. Keep a spot up there for me. I wanna hear what youve been doin up there and who youve all met and talked too. I wanna know if Frederick ... Read more

Tiara Nolan signed Myrel's Guestbook.

Myrel I missed you a lot today. I think about you everyday. It still hurts to know that you are gone.  I miss you bud. I try to live each day like a beast but sometimes ... Read more

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hey sweetie. i remember i met u from sherina. u were such a cutie. ily.         chrissy schermerhorn Read more

Lucas Jepson signed Myrel's Guestbook.

Missing you alot today man, sitting here in class and the one song we use to sing at your place came on and im about in tears cause of it. Where'd You Go, by Fort Minor. I ... Read more

Tiara Nolan signed Myrel's Guestbook.

Today was so long Myrel. I had to take a moment to compose myself. you would be proud of me. I almost finished my paper and it was on beast Mode I am so excited to turn it ... Read more

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