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Munoz’s Story

Munoz Family: Kris, Terry, Amanda & Josh continue to heal after the tragic accident in which they lost their beautiful son and brother Sam.  Kris continues to struggle with new obstacles to overcome.  Keep her in your prayers please.

Kris, and the 3 children: Sam, Amanda, Josh were in a car accident on Oct 9th around 5PM in the evening. They were heading home towards Howard Lake, west on Hwy 12. The accident happened about 1/8 mile outside of Waverly. Amanda (13) and Josh (10) sustained recoverable injuries (broken bones, bruised spleen). Kris is in more serious condition, but is expected to have a full recovery. Sam went home to see his heavenly Father on Sunday, October 14th. He is walking side by side with Jesus!

Latest Journal Update


Update from Kris:

Spring!  There is so
much to love about the change in seasons well at least we never get bored with
the weather here in Minnesota.  I wanted
to give a brief update to those of you that may not hear from us very
often.  We still very much appreciate you
and are so grateful for your presence and your prayers in our lives.  Samuel and Amanda’s birthdays are approaching
(the 22nd and the 23rd) of April.  Amanda will be 18 and Sammy would have been
21. Josh is now 14 and in the 8th grade (Amanda is Graduating in
June)  Life is busy and moving quickly

 We are still serving
through Side by Side Ministries and Sam & Evan’s Coffee is continuing to
help kid’s reach their goals to go to camps and on mission trips.  This next weekend we have a Camp Castaway

 There is also a
Memorial Baseball Game being played at Bentfield Mills Field in Buffalo,
MN on April 21st.  Josh will be playing with the 9th
grade team their game is at 2:30; and will throw out the 1st pitch
for the Varsity Game @5:30.  There will
be refreshments and silent auction item’s available all proceeds will go to a scholarship
fund given in Sams honor.  If you can
make it out we would love to see you.  We
will be a little split over the weekend but will be attending both the retreat
and the games. But whether you are involved with one or the other we still love
to see you so make sure you come up and check-in.  Crowds are still difficult for me so
you will find me more on the perimeter of the events:)

Both Amanda and Josh and Terry will be going on a mission
trip to Guatemala in June this year. 
They will be helping to build an outdoor clothes washing area for the orphanage.  It is always wonderful to know that we are
making a tangible difference in these kid’s lives as we have been going back to
the same orphanage for quite some time now. 
It is still amazing to me that they have light poles around the kid’s
soccer field that were put up in honor of Sammy.  He loved serving those kid’s so much. 

I wish I could express the gratitude in my heart for all of
the prayers and support we have received from you.  Life continues to be difficult for me but God
is not done with me yet.  And I am
certainly not alone in this journey.  I hope
and pray that those of you reading this are blessed often by our Lord Jesus
Christ and He is showering you in His abundant Love. 

With Love,

Kris Munoz