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Morgan’s Story

Morgan was 6 when we found out that cancer was growing in here brain.  She was treated for a medulloblastoma (brian cancer).

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

Here are the latest updates in a quicker form. I know we have many people that have joined our journey in the middle and maybe closer to the end of treatment so I thought that I would make it easier to follow along.

April 22nd we found out Morgan had a brain tumor via a CT scan done at the ER in Fargo.

April 23rd we left for Minneapolis MN to the Children’s Hospital and got ready for Morgan to have brain surgery.

April 24th she had the tumor removed and she did wonderful through the surgery.Surgery started at 12:30pm and she was closed up by 3:38 PM.She had her surgery done under an operative MRI so they were able to view the surgery sight before they closed her up to know that the entire tumor was gone.They had the breathing tube out by 5 pm. We were alos very happy and lucky that she had NO side effects from surgery. Short term blurred vision that was corrected with in a week.

 On April 25th we found out that the tumor was cancer but they did not know what the true diagnoses was yet and would be sent on for further testing.

 April 27th we moved out of the PICU and up to the 8th floor at Children’s hospital.

 We returned home on Friday May 2nd.We had a nice surprise waiting for us when we got there as the fireman had a parade of trucks waiting for us when we got home.We also came home to a completely finished home when we opened the doors.We were in the middle of a remodel when Morgan got sick

 On May 8th we received the call of the diagnosis and we were informed that it is the anaplastic medulloblastoma.However that was good news since the other option was a rare brain cancer and they would not even give us the name until they knew if she had it since they did not want to scare us anymore than we already were.

 On May 12th she went to Meritcare to have the stitches removed from her head and also to have a complete spinal MRI done and her spinal tap she also had her hickman lines placed at this time as well.All of the tests came back clear and that they could not find any spread of the cancer. 

On the 15th of May Morgan started her chemotherapy.We did Cisplatin, Vincritine and cytoxan She did for aprox 6 weeks

 On June 23rd she started her radiation treatments along with an oral pill of chemotherapy called Temodar.She did 20 treatments of radiation to the entire spine and head and then another 11 to just the tumor spot.We completed radiation on August 6th.

 The last leg of her journey started on Sept 5th as we started High Dose chemo in Minneapolis with a stem cell rescue after the chemo.We will do three cycles of this with her last treatment on October 20th.

11-13-08 MRI of Spine, brain and Lumbar Poke.

11-14-08 NED!!!!!! My baby shows no signs of cancer PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!!

12-11-08 Removed G/J tube (feeding tube) and also removed her HICKMAN lines.

February 2009 is the next set MRI God willing NOTHING will change before then.

Feb 10th 2009.. MRI of Brain only and she is NED

April 14th RELAPSE.... Our worse fears confirmed.... her body has gone through to much.

June 13th Morgan turned 8

June 22nd 2009 10:05am  14 months to the day we found out that she has cancer. Our sweet girl became and Angel and was called to be home with God.  

We miss Morgan so much as nobody is quite like her.  I wait till the day I will be with her again.




Latest Journal Update


REMINDER... 13 more days to register for the 5K and to get your shirt.  You can also register the day of the run, but we can not promise you a shirt.  Info is included below.  Thank you all so much for all your help.

I am writing today to spread the word about an even Joe and I will be hosting to help families in the North Dakota, Minnesota area affected by brain cancer.  If you would like a registration form please email me at and put Morgan's Wish in the subject line.  I will mail you a form for you to mail back. 

Joe and I are planning the annual 5k running for the ribbons event again this year in Kindred, ND.  We are going to host the even April 28th.


Let me explain more about the charity we decided to fund this year from the event.  I want to first say that I am excited that 100% of the proceeds will stay local helping families in our own area that have been affected by brain cancer.  For the last two years Joe and I have attended an event known as Pray for Gray ~ which is founded by two very special friends of ours.  The founders Julie (brain cancer survivor) and her husband Rick are two of the most caring and thoughtful people I have ever met.  Last year before the event they approached Joe and I and asked if they could start a project called "Morgan's Wish" and they will ask people during the event to donate money to Morgan's Wish and then in return they will help the local families with different needs. It might be sending a couple on a second honeymoon, or letting a child who has brain cancer see a football game, or they may use the money to give gas cards to a family that needs to travel back and forth to treatment.  They knew that Morgan taught us all a lesson on taking time to think about others and not to always think about yourself and they wanted to keep her Passion and her Memory alive.  It means so much to us that they thought of Morgan and allow her lessons to be kept alive everyday and still help others.  It doesnt surprise me though because Julie and Rick and the same way and are always willing to help others.  To learn more about their foundation you can visit  Now I dont think there is anything on the site about Morgan's WIsh, but I ensure you that it is real and I ask that you think about joining us for the walk/run and PLEASE pass on the information as I would love to see families receive the help that they need.

Thank you