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Montana’s Story

Hi Friends! Thank you for visiting Montana's site. We appreciate your support and prayers. Please read our journal and check out Tana's adorable pictures. We will be updating them as we have time. Also, be sure to sign the guestbook. It is nice to know that we have so much support.

On July 19th, our lives took an unexpected and heartbreaking turn. We took Montana, our 14 month old baby, to our pediatrician thinking she had a food alllergy. He ran some tests and rushed us to Tacoma's Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. They ran more tests and set us up in a hospital room. That first night was the most difficult. We did not know what was wrong with our baby and felt completely helpless. The next day, Montana was diagnosed with stage four "hepatoblastoma". This is an extremely rare form of childhood liver cancer. The tumor covers most of her right abdominal area and has spread to her lungs as well. This type of cancer is difficult to detect because it does not cause outward symptoms. Montana did not act sick at all. Shortly after the diagnosis, the doctor perscribed an aggressive treatment. Montana endures three days of chemotherapy every 21 days. While on the chemo, she is at the hospital hooked to what looks like an IV stand and is not allowed out of her room. She is highly susceptible to germs as her immune system is supressed. Montana finished her first round of chemo on Monday, July 24th and we were finally sent home after six days in the hospital. From now on, we are taking life day by day and appreciating every moment that we have with our beautiful daughter. Many of you have asked how you can help and our request is that you PRAY! Please pray specifically that: 1) The cancerous spots on Montana's lungs will disappear with the chemotherapy treatments; 2) Montana will not have adverse side effects from the chemotherapy. We are utterly helpless in this situation, but God has given us a spirit of courage and not of fear. We know that He can save our baby and we ask for your help in crying out to Him. Please tell everyone you know: your church, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers on the street, and ask them to pray along with us. We thank you for your support and love. Ryan, Trina, Taylir, Montana, and Baby