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  • Written Oct 10, 2010 7:27pm

    It has been three years since Montana went into remission - we have all grown, life has changed, Montana is healthy an dI am beyond grateful for Gods grace and mercy in our lives!

    I apologize I have not updated all of you who have been so faithful to pray for my family over the past few years.  Montana has cleared every test, has never had an AFP over 2 since remission and has zero complications from cancer, treatment or her surgeries.  She is clear evidence that God performs miracles!

    Although our journey of healing has gone way beyond cancer and days after remission we are still on the path to full recovery but doing so with God as our force and direction.  


  • Written Jan 23, 2009 7:58pm

    Montana's scans came back clear but we were unable to get her AFP and labs because it sems her port is no longer working. She has had it now about 2 years and do to her growth it has moved around inside her and has became impossible to use.

    Monday we will meet with her surgeon to go over removing her port. She will still have to be poked every 3 weeks but we are going to try it without the port in place and see if we can get it to work: so only one more small surgery another scan closer to cured!

    I am changed, never the same. I see things so differently and wonder sometimes; how I ever saw them befor because my eyes were'nt open then.

    I don't want to leave the world of cancer, I don't want Montana to ever have it again; I just don't ever want to leave the kids that are still fighting. Close the door to this chapter in my life and forget: forget that so many are just hanging on and so many parents are in so much pain as they watch helplessly. I can't walk away from that.

  • Written Jan 6, 2009 8:20pm

    Its been a long time. I would be lying if I didn't say that after the auction I took a step back and layed low for a while. It was worth it but took alot out of all of of us. again, thank you to so many people that helped out, you are why this was possible!

    Montana is doing wonderful. She attends preschool with Taylir three days a week, has hair almost to her shoulders with a little wave in the back, loves looking and talking about her scars, coloring and singing at he top of her lungs to anyy song she can get out. Her side effect are so minimal (which is amazing!) and only complains of 'episodic' pain for her lung surgeries from time to time. We continue to get blood draws every three weeks and scans every 6 weeks. She will be having her next one in a few days.

    January will be her 1.5 year mark! This is awesome but fear doesn't fall far behing as I am consitantly reminded of a little girl who made to her 1.5 mark in remission than relapsed shortly after and passed in just 4 weeks. That is heard to let go of.

    I pray Montana's remission is forever and that she does not follow in these steps.

    We continue to work with the foundation. At this point I have been really trying to step back and listen to God to hear where He wants me to go with all of this. Montana's cancer was so much more than just her having a cancer, its been a awakening a calling. She wasn't sick to just be sick, I believe so much more is to come out of it than that. Now if I can just listen and hear what it is God wants from all of this, that is now my challenge.

    I am so excited for 2009, for today and the next one. My family is all together. We are healthy, we are in love, we are happy to be a family. God is great, and he has blessed us in abundance!

    Happy 2009!

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