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Missy’s Story

I am creating this site with a little help from my friends. I have a diagnosis of stage IV biliary tract cancer (Cholangiocarcinoma). Yup I said it. This isn't the dark "disease which shall not be named" this is a cancer which found me, decided to stick around and make itself comfortable. I have decided that it will not stay. I would love to tell everyone that there's a great prognosis, and the doctors are willing to make a guess, but I made my own prognosis: 100% or nothing. This cancer won't know what hit it. 

Latest Journal Update

Happy 35th Missy

Today (7/11) would have been Missy's 35th birthday.  The kids and I still woke up and wished her happy birthday and toasted her at dinner.  I have noticed there is still a log on of about 50+ individuals a day on this site so I figured this would also give you something to read.  The kids and I left RI on a trip the week following Missy's memorial.  We spent the first week in Orlando and went swimming with dolphins.  We had planned this trip originally back in the winter for April.  I had to also follow through on my promise to Delia as this was a dream of hers.  I must say it was amazing.  We then took a flight out West to Phoenix. I welcomed the opportunity NOT to go to amusement parks with 3 kids. Yes, July in Arizona and Florida!   However, we did have fun. Tempe was where Missy and I spent our first year of married life and the site of “Niner’s” birth.  We have continued our travels to San Diego, LA (kids were disappointed in Hollywood/thank you Lord!) and we are currently just south of San Fran.  We have no end currently in sight and will at least get all the way to Seattle.  If we have the endurance (for me patience) we will make our way to Yellowstone National Park. This was a favorite and very special place for us all last summer.  The journey presents an opportunity for me to monitor the kids and establish ourselves as a unit.  Honestly, it is a much needed distraction for me as I was going crazy sitting at home.  I have also had the opportunity to read books (Chris Spielman “That’s Why I’m Here was an emotional read) and just think.  I would not ring this up as fun but definitely needed...  The kids have had some laughs/smiles, tears and a lot of questions in the evenings or during long rides in the car.  Many of them where there is no answer but I am doing my best. 

We also have been following through on Missy's wish to her ashes spread at various specified places. This started the evening of her memorial at Black Point in RI.  She had made some specific requests for now and at future events.  This was one of the reasons we went to Phoenix and plan to travel to Yellowstone.  We have also spread her ashes at some of our new memories as well.  It is comforting to know she is not only with us in spirit but also in this form.  Some interesting/odd experiences have occurred that make me at least pause and think is Missy telling us something.  However, I will leave those stories for the "Stark" fire.

Thanks again everyone for continued thoughts and prayers.