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March 17th, 2014

Surprisingly, time is going by quickly while we have been here.  20 days of radiation done and no surprises yet.  Mikel's nose is very dry and bothersome but his mouth sores are now minimal and he hasn't complained about them all week. After hearing that the sores were getting better the radiology doctor was quick to point out that the sores must be from the chemotherapy and not radiation since he has been at the maximum accumulation of radiation since week 3.  I think it is comical that she is blaming the chemo.  I wonder what the Chemo doctor would say .... 
Myrah went home with Grandma and Grandpa Sackman yesterday and most likely will stay with them until our expected date to return home on March 27th. I hate that it will be 11 days before we see her but Mikel is so emotional and tired right now and Miss Jabber Jaw (Myrah) is not very understanding about being quiet.  Here are a couple pictures that Uncle Mark sent on Sunday afternoon of Myrah and her cousin Rachel and then another at 11:55 pm saying "the giggling has finally stopped". 
Also a pic of Mikel all cuddled up after radiation.
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Cindee Gentry
By Krystin Lamm and Family
Glad they haven't found any surprises yet!! Way to be a strong boy Mikel!! Hope to see you at your benefit!! Still thinking of you and your family!!
Chris Messer
So good to hear. Today we all got our Super Mikel T-shirts and are going to wear them on Wednesday. We'll send a picture. Stay strong buddy!
Brideen Sjulstad
By Brideen Sjulstad
Wyatt and I are lad that things are going well so far. Love the Sjulstad's
Tanya Steffan
By Tanya and Cory Steffan
So happy to hear everything seems to be going well with Mikel's radiation. Stay strong, almost to there! We will see you at Mikel's benefit.