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Mike ’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site, created to keep friends and family updated about Mike Freeman and his fight against brain cancer. Mike's fiancee Jennifer is the author of this site. Please also visit to see the great things Mike's friends and Flying Dog are doing for him.

On the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend, 2008, at the urging of his friend and coworker Kelly, Mike went to the emergency room. He had been having blurry vision for about 2 months, and had multiple eye doctor appointments. He ended up with reading glasses, but the problem continued. He was also experiencing some strange sensations on the left side of his body, like numbness and tingling. Also, those of us close to him knew something was going on because he just wasn't himself, but it was easy to write off as depression brought on by recent work/life changes.

In the emergency room, the doctors gave him a CT scan and identified that there was a mass in his brain. Following an MRI, the neurologist, neurosurgeon, and GP all made their rounds to see Mike. After more scans of his body, it was evident that the mass in his brain was not secondary. It had started there. It is also in a very tricky spot to operate on, so Mike, along with his family, decided to do a biopsy only. The biopsy determined that Mike has GBM, the most aggressive type of brain tumor.

Mike sought out second opinions on surgery and treatment, which led him to Dr. Edward Arenson, neuro-oncologist. People come from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Arenson. (See the Links page for more information about the doctor and his clinic.)

Mike completed radiation therapy and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, including Avastin, a very promising angiogenisis-type drug. (Please see the Links page for information about this treatment.)

Mike's greatest wish is to "get back to normal." For everyone who knows and loves him, this is our wish too.

Latest Journal Update


Hi everyone, I am going to be closing down this site soon -- first his family and I want to print out copies of the guestbook so we can have all of your memories, messages of support, and inspiration from the past 16 months.

Our friend Nichol Chacon has set up a tribute site for Mike. I encourage you to participate in this site -- I think it can be a fresh start and a way to keep Mike's memory alive.

Thank you to Nichol.

And thank ALL of you for what you have done for me this past year.