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Michael’s Story

Michael Treinen

Diagnosis: Acute Myeloid Leukemia- AML- May 11th

Michael was an official cancer survivor as of December 11, 2007

Michael had a relapse on January 25th, 2008. The leukemia returned! Bone Marrow Transplant is needed

Three Rounds of Chemo-completed- no remission

May 24th- Michael is named Indiana Assistant Coach of the Year for Lacrosse

May 25th @ 6:26 a.m. Michael became one of God's angels.


May 8, 2007: Preliminary Diagnosis of Lymphoma

May 11, 2007: Trip to Riley lets us know it is definitely leukemia but type is not known until early evening.

May 14th- June 8th: Round 1 in the hospital

Michael responded well to chemo treatments. Very little side effects. He did lose his hair and about 19 lbs! The fantastic smile is still intact!!!

June 15, 2007 Michael's bone marrow check shows he is in remission- less than 1% leukemia cells in his bone marrow!

June 19- July 12 Round 2 of chemo treatments in the hospital

Michael had a rough round 2- headaches throughout the chemo, tephlitus, and tear in central line. He rebounded beautifully, it only delayed him coming home by 2 days!

July 19th - August 26th Round 3 of Chemo Treatments

Michael got the alphastrep bacteria in his bloodstream- although it was controlled quickly- the toxins released went out of control sending Michael into Septic Shock and ARDS. Michael spent 21 days in ICU - heavily sedated, paralyzed, and on a ventilator. Once Michael was out of ICU- he was determined to get his strength back and get home! He came home 6 days after getting out of ICU! What a tough kid!

September 11- October 12th Round 4 of Chemo

Michael was in isolation the entire time because he tested positive for the VRE bacteria. Chemo made him sick but otherwise this was an uneventful round! YEA!!!

October 30th- December 1 Round 5 of Chemo

Michael had a fever and a sore throat for about two weeks- otherwise- uneventful!

December 11th: It is Official- Michael has beat it- he is now a cancer survivor!

January 25th- Leukemia Returns

February 4th- 9th Chemo #1 for Journey #2

February 19th- Michael heads to Riley with a fever

March 3-7- Chemo Treatment#2- Outpatient- Michael did great! No side effects!

March 15- Back at Riley with a fever and headache

March 31st-Leukemia is not in remission

April 2nd- Chemo Treatment #3 of Journey 2 begins