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"The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord

It is with utter shock and disbelief that I come to you all yet again begging for prayers.
Our beautiful girl, our first born baby, was rescued from a terrible crash by the wings of Angels.  She took a flight of Mercy to the arms of the one and only Savior.

She is finally reunited with her baby brother of course too, a day we all have dreamed of.
So for her what a gift. What a Mercy. Our Lord is Good always and loving. 
He answered Anna's prayers and ultimately every prayer this mother ever had for her child.

She is happy.  She is healthy.  She is perfect and beautiful.  She sees and knows the truth about how much she was loved, by her heavenly Father and by us.  She finally knows the treasure and gift she's always been.  For all this I am thankful.

For My Jesus, who is weeping with me, I am thankful
My my mother Mary, who is walking with me, I am thankful
And for all of you walking beside us through this vale of tears, I am thankful

Requiescat in pace my sweet