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Hi Friends!
I though you would all love to hear about the beautiful little miracle I experienced when Mikey died 4 years ago.  I don't believe I shared it.  I can't believe that I actually didn't remember it until the other day!

First some blog business though.

I have started a faith testimony campaign on Godversations for this Year of Faith.  You can read more about it here but if you feel called to write a testimony that I could publish on the blog I would be honored to share your stories.  Please prayerfully consider doing this - you never know how God might use you to touch souls!

The latest adoption update is over on Mission Adoption, "What did you do with my son?"  Don't forget to sign up to "follow blog via email" on the right hand side or bottom of Mission Adoption to get all the latest updates! 

And finally, if you are planning to shop online through Amazon, please consider using my fundraising link.  I will get 6% of all sales and plan to use the money to bring supplies, clothes, medicines, toys, and anything else we determine they need, straight to the institutions in Russia!


So this past weekend I gave a retreat talk and the topic was on Mary and the Year of Faith.  I had lots to say on that topic, which of course included how I got to know Mary best when Mikey was sick.  She was my constant companion, as was her Son and of course they both still are!!  During my preparation for my talk, and at the 11th hour no less, I suddenly remembered the gift from my Heavenly Mother.  

How could I possibly have forgotten about it???

On the day that Michael died Mary sent a sympathy card in the mail!  It was delivered literally as he was taking his last breaths and the way I remember it the kids had gone out to get the mail.  Not sure why they did that at that time. I guess it was just something to do.  But they came in yelling "Mom, Mom, look what just came in the mail!"  It was a mass card showing through a clear plastic window, a picture of our Lady with the rays of her heart illuminated and a message at the bottom that says, "With Sympathy".  (Not sure if you can read the words in this small picture?)

Now I get these different cards in the mail almost every single day so if it happened today I wouldn't think too much of it.  But here's the cool part. 
 August 19, 2008 at 10am the very first one I ever received was delivered to me as I held my son in my arms for the final time.  Sympathy from my Mother.  She walked that path before me and held her own Son after he died.  She gave me so much comfort, one mother to another.  

I can't really understand why I haven't shared this little miracle before now but maybe it's because at the time Mary was so close to me that a card from her couldn't come close to her Loving Presence right near me. Truly I remember feeling as though she were right in the room with us as Michael died.  Getting a card from her was a nice gesture but not nearly as good as having her right there!  

What is so beautiful is that now, 4 years later, she reminded me at a time when I really needed her!  
Mother's are awesome like that, always coming through for you when you don't necessarily expect it :)

I hope to post a version of my talk on Godversations soon!

Wishing you all a very blessed Advent.  Let every heart prepare Him room just as our Blessed Mother did from the first.

Love and Prayers