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Mission Adoption

I hope you all had a chance to follow the scavenger hunt detailing how we found Nicholas.  I had fun putting that together with Leila at Little Catholic Bubble and Stacy at Accepting Abundance. We are so encouraged and blessed by all the positive reactions and Love and thank you so much for being a part of our lives and intimately involved with us in our journey of family and faith! 
If you were not able to follow it for some reason, the goal was to end up on my brand new blog: Mission Adoption.  You can go there directly and I put the scavenger hunt under it's own page.
I have to admit that all this blogging, while fun, is very time consuming and I have a lot on my plate right now!  I will definitely be updating both Godversations and Mission Adoption as often as I can but I'm thinking that it will only happen by the Grace of God - so if you want to hear from me - PRAY!!!  haha (but seriously - Pray!)
I will update the details of where we are in the process on the new blog under "The Process" so check in there for any new info.  You can read my latest post "Racing to Love" HERE.  I will still try and put notes here for all my faithful prayer warriors but you can sign up on the new blog and get updates just like you do here.  Just click the "Follow Blog Via email" on the right hand side. 

We are getting close to being able to jump up and down with excitement! Our homestudy process is complete and other than taking time it was pretty painless.  We are just waiting on the finalized report.  What that means is that very soon we can submit our preliminary dossier to the Russian government and once it gets translated and registered then we can request medical info and new pictures of our boy!  It also means that we could be within 8 weeks of being invited to travel to meet him! We are getting somewhere.  Hooray!

So if you would, please keep us in your prayers that we can get registered without a hitch and that the timing is just as perfect as God would have it be.  Pray for our little Nicholas to be loved and healthy and safe until we get to him.  And pray for protection for all the orphans and that they can get enough exposure so that their families can find them.
There are so many ways to truly help the orphans even if you are not called to adoption.  Praying, advocating and donating are all important ways to help.  I love Reece's Rainbow and their mission of raising funds for the orphans so families can commit because the price tag is very daunting.  RR truly helps families find a way.  I have lots of kids featured on my new blog (Bobby is on the front page now - ohhhhhh Be still my heart - he sounds like a treasure!) that are all listed on RR so check out the site if you haven't already. 
I will forever be grateful to Leila for putting Nicholas on her blog.  That simple act has changed our lives forever and if there is the tiniest chance that I can help a child be seen that way I will do whatever I can! Please help me share my blog and share the kids.  In this day of the internet and social media every orphan should be able to find their family but they can't advocate for themselves.
I am so thankful to you all for the very important role you play in this process.  You mean the world to me and every prayer, comment, email and share is a priceless gift.
Thanks for being on this latest adventure with us.  I can't wait to share Nicholas with all of you.

Please take a few seconds to vote for the orphans HERE.  You can vote every 15 hours until Oct. 31 and a win = $50,000 for the orphans!!