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Our Big News!!!!

(The virtual scavenger hunt begins with the next newest post. If you've arrived here refresh to the welcome page in a few minutes)

We are with child!!

 In our hearts this time - not my womb.  (sorry couldn't resist)

Bill and I, and our whole family, have now officially committed to adopting a little boy in Eastern Europe, who we both feel in our hearts is our son. 
He just turned 7 last month and has Down's Syndrome.
You can see him here on our Reece's Rainbow page and don't worry if you fall in love with him and want to kiss those cheeks, you aren't alone! This is the one and only picture we currently have but as we get a little further into the process I hope they will send updated information!

There is a long road ahead and any number of bumps in the road but, God willing, we will welcome "Nicholas" into our home sometime before his 8th birthday.

Of course I have tons more to say :)  I promise I will fill you all in on this beautiful journey to date.  God is so good, it blows me away again and again and I'm honored to share the work He's about.

We are humbled by your love for us and always your prayers and ask you to keep us on your prayer list as we go through this process.  Now that he's in my heart I am just desperate to get there and wrap my arms around him.

The plight of these orphans is deeply painful and troubling to me and I feel so called to action on their behalf.  
I hope and pray for the strength to keep my heart open and give my YES to God no matter what He asks.  I know He loves the orphans!  

As I said in my last post, it certainly feels like a new day in our lives, a new road and one we will walk with God every step of the way.

I am constantly asking my little St. Mikey and big St. Michael for spiritual protection as I'm sure this promises to be a big spiritual battle.  No way does the evil one want even one child saved but God's will be done!

Yes Lord we will with the help of your Grace!

I'll put together a proper post soon but didn't want to leave you all hanging!