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A new season

So a few months ago Bill and I went on a little vacation to the Virgin Islands (It was glorious - just the two of us!)  We had a nice little room with it's own balcony looking over the ocean and mountainous islands.  The views were breathtaking really and one of my favorite parts of the trip (other than my hubby's undivided attention for days on end - he couldn't escape me! haha) was waking up and enjoying the sunrise on our balcony.  I enjoyed hours every morning surrounded by God's glory, in the quiet solitude of the early morning, immersed in His word and in prayer.  It was simply idyllic.  I think it was maybe the third morning as I watched the sunrise that the message God had been speaking to my heart was fully formed and acknowledged.  These amazing interior experiences of God are hard to put into adequate words but He led me to an understanding of what He was telling me in a beautiful way.  I understood the message that a new season was upon me, us, our whole family.  I felt a deep inner peace, as if He was giving me a great big spiritual hug and telling me that I should not be afraid no matter the road ahead. He sent the most glorious sunrise that morning as a reminder that He would always be with me and especially when I need Him most. He was fortifying me for the journey and the beautiful peaceful morning out in the middle of the world felt very much like the 'calm before the storm'.
That calm is still with me, as though it happened yesterday, though these past months I've continued to feel as though "change is in the air".

I know now that the time is here and it's a new day for our family, (my latest post on Godversations - "Seasons" here).  There is indeed a time to mourn and a time to weep but there is also a time to laugh and a time to dance and sometimes that time comes in unexpected ways!  

I can't wait to share with all of you how God is moving in our hearts and our lives, but in the meantime, I'm asking for all the love, support and prayer you can give.  Pray especially for spiritual protection in whatever lies ahead for our family.  Pray that we have the courage and the strength to give God our yes for whatever He asks.  Oh there is so much to pray for!

And God willing there will be a time soon to tell you all about it :)