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By Mom/Grandma Denny — Nov 28, 2013 7:26am
This is a Thanksgiving reflection from a Mom and a Grandmother.  This is a time for being thankful and being grateful and I truly am.

Karen was my first born baby and from babyhood through her teens, into college and even into early adulthood, she was a person hard to disappoint!  No matter what, she accepted.  It was a gift from Above-especially in those early teen years.  As her mother, I was spoiled and quite unprepared for the babies who followed.
And now, so many years later, I understand.  God was preparing her; preparing her to accept.  Accept things that were hard; things that were unfair, and ultimately, to accept the deepest kind of hurt and sadness-the loss of a child.  Not once, but twice!

Karen and Anna have both touched many lives.  Anna too, had the gift of acceptance.  Acceptance of people-no matter how important, how old, how special, how un-special, or how connected.  Anna made everyone feel special, including me.  She wasn't bold the way she did it and I'm not sure we even recognized all the ways she went about it and for whom.  It was apparent when talking to her friends how much she cared about people.   She didn't have time to be negative and she never used words in a hurtful way!  Amazing trait for an 18 year old female.

I am enriched because I have a daughter named Karen; I am enriched because I have a granddaughter named Anna Noelle.  And I am humbled by their goodness and their strength.  I am humbled by the way Karen manages to withstand her daily pain and still praise You, Lord; humbled by the way she accepts and replaces all the common feelings of anger, unfairness, etc. with thoughts on a higher heavenly plane.
So I am humbled and also grateful.    Thank you Lord for these blessings and continue to watch over our family.