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Scan Results

Mike had scan results last Friday ... We are more than happy to say that ALL of the tumors are still stable!!! It has been 7 months since his last treatment. He will go back in 4 months for scans again. This next set of scans will include a brain scan as well.

Our wonderful daughter-in-law Vanessa wrote a letter into KYSM 103.5 in Mankato, MN - they are sponsoring "Make Someone's Monday" - they called Mike to tell him that he will be going to see Toby Keith - we don't know all the final details yet on what's happening but he is sooo excited. You can listen to the actual call by clicking on the link and clicking "PLAY" on the April 28th

THANK YOU Vanessa, Gerorge & Jess and 103.5 KYSM !!

Here is the letter that Vanessa wrote ...

 Dear George & Jess,

I am writing to nominate my Father-in-law, Mike Gunzenhauser to make his Monday (and for a long time after!) Mike was diagnosed on April 10, 2013 with stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma which has an 8% chance of surviving 5 years with treatments - 8%! Mike and his wife, Sheryl, have conquered many hurdles, heartache and emotional ups and downs over the last year. He has had surgery to remove one of his kidneys that had a tumor. Unfortunately his cancer has spread to his lungs. He underwent chemotherapy treatment last summer that was absolutely brutal for him and Sheryl. Mike goes to the U of M in Minneapolis every 3 months for scans which seems to be emotionally draining for both of them as scans will show if the tumors are stable, active or have spread. Mike has tough tough days. He usually wakes up feeling okay, but a couple of hours of activity at a time is usually all he can handle. Cancer has changed his life and all those that love him
as well. You hear of so many diagnosed with cancer, but until it actually happens to a close loved one, the reality of their world and what they have to go through on a daily basis isn't revealed until you are there going through it with them. With all of the heartache though, what cancer has done to Mike and Sheryl has had them prioritize their life. They live day to day and try and make the most out of each hour and day that they are together. Making sure the stay positive as much as they can and be able to spend time with family and friends.
We try to surround Mike with his family as much as possible. He has 5 grandchildren which truly are the light of his world. When he is with those kids his cancer seems to melt away...if only for a few minutes. His smile is unforgettable when his grandkids make him laugh and be happy.

Mike loves country music and one of his favorite artists is Toby Keith. There would be nothing better than being able to send my Father-in-law to go see his favorite country singer at the Tree Town Music Festival in May. He loves Toby Keith and has always wanted to see him in concert. If you both could be able to help make one of Mike's wishes come true we would be so very grateful!

Vanessa Gunzenhauser
Winnebago, MN

Thank you all for continuing to keep Mike in your prayers - we appreciate it more than you will ever know!!

God Bless

Mike & Sheryl