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1 Year

1 year ago today ...This last few weeks have been so emotional for me, the weeks leading up to Mike's diagnosis date - I have tried not to think about it but every time I was alone, the stupid tears would not quit.  It's been a tough year, probably one of the toughest of our lives together. I can honestly say that cancer has changed our life.  It has helped us prioritize our lives and we are grateful for every new day that Mike has. In the beginning we were so devastated, we were shocked at his diagnosis, we cried, we couldn't eat, we weren't sleeping, we were making ourselves physically sick with worry and we shed more tears than I even knew were possible. How could we not be when we were told that his prognosis was poor and he was only given an 8% chance to survive 5 years with treatments. 8% ....we began to relive everything in our lives and what was important and what wasn't. We knew we had to make many changes in order to de-stress our lives and concentrate what was really is important and that was our family, friends, kids, grandkids and spending every day that we could with Mike and making sure that he was out enjoying his life to the fullest.

We were overwhelmed with all of the love & support that we received not only from our family & friends but the wonderful community that we live in, our church family, people that we have never met, Mike's care team and our wonderful pastor. We could of never gotten through this last year without all of you. Every time we thought we possibly could not make it through another day, one of you were brought to us in some way or another and I knew that was God watching over us. The one thing that we both did after Mike's diagnosis was to ask God to please walk with us on this journey, it was just to painful to do alone. We asked him to take our hand and guide us through it. I truly believe that he has been with us every step of the way. Through the time before Mike's surgery when there were days that I wasn't even sure he would make it to the surgery date because he had gotten so sick ...Through the surgery, we didn't even know if Mike would be strong enough get through the surgery but he did and the remaining kidney that was in question of even doing it's job kicked right in and took over. Through those HORRIBLE treatments. I questioned so many times whether or not Mike would pull through them. They were vicious and the worst thing in the world to experience, I am thankful that Mike does not remember them.

As of today, things are about the same with Mike - he continues to have quite a few spurts of extreme tiredness and gets very weak and nauseous.  He has learned that when those spells come on - find a bed or a couch and fast!! He has been having a lot of hip pain. He has been spending ALOT of quality time with his boys which makes me beam with happiness - I love seeing the 3 of them together laughing and just hanging out.

We go back the end of April for scans again. This is the time when I start to get nervous, actually I turn into a crazed maniac =)  

 Please keep the prayers coming - we appreciate them more than you will ever know!!

Blessings dear family & friends

Much love & hugs


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Michelle Mertz
By Michelle, Greg, Mike, Bryan & Claire Mertz - and forever our Angel Alec.
Holding you up in prayer. May God continue to hold you and guide you through this difficult time in your lives. We hope that the scans come back with no more cancer! Love and hugs from Walnut, Iowa.
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Connie Pomranke
By Connie Pomranke
Dear Mike and Sheryl,

No one, but you, Mike, and God will truly know the trials of your downs or the highlights of your ups as you go through this journey. Your strong faith has taken you through each day, one step at a time, and may have even become stronger! With each new day God has sent you maybe the laughter or the story-telling from a grandchild (they are priceless!), or the companionship of your sons, family, or friends. We pray for you to be filled with the amazing healing, love, peace and joy that only comes from God. Continue to see God in each day, taking time to celebrate the little things God gives us... sunshine and warmer days as we witness signs of spring!

Love you guys!

Daryle and Connie
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Joyce Roe
By Joyce Roe
We pray for you daily and weekly on our special prayer list at our church when prayer members gather. Keep holding the Lord's had tightly as you walk each day. Know that you are loved.
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Suzanne Ortiz
By Suzanne Ortiz
I will pray for good results from the upcoming scans. You two are my heroes! Love to you both and your whole family.
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