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More Good News

Went to the cities today to see the heart surgeon, the cardiologist referred Mike to him as he thought there might of been some heart damage from the treatments. The Dr. went over all of the tests that have been done on Mike and said he did not see any heart damage at all. He also said that he didn't see any reason that Mike needed to continue with seeing the cardiologist. We are happy, happy, happy!!

We have both been fighting a pretty nasty bug since last weekend - We woke up this morning thinking we were feeling a little better but this evening we both feel yuk again. Our friends from Wyoming are over in Rochester this week and we haven't been able to go hang out with them yet as we have both been sick and we don't want to chance Gary catching this crud, so I have been pretty bummed  =(   Please keep them in your prayers - any and all prayers are appreciated!!

Have a great rest of the week   =)