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How to Post Questions/How to Get Info on Kidney Donation

The news story about my family and my adventures in dialysis have started attracting visitors to this site, which is GREAT!  If you want to ask a question directly to me, email  If you leave a comment you want answered in the Guestbook, I can answer it in a "Journal Post," but it may not be the best way to communicate.  But I'm happy to do it through the Journal section as well.  So.....

In answer to Susan Creswell's very important question about how to go about getting tested to be a kidney donor in general, I would suggest contacting the nearest hospital that does living-donor kidney transplant for advice.  My understanding is that most of the tests can be done at your local facilities, but that's it's best to get connected with the living-donor unit.  The Swedish Hospital living donor unit can be found at: