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Micah Tra’s Story

This Caringbridge site is so you can keep up with my Journey.

My name is Micah Tra'Vonte Roshell. I was 9 1/2 at time of diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease and 4B Stage Hodgkin's Lymphoma (Cancer). By FAITH and HOPE, and the work of the doctors and staff of Children's Hospital, the Blood Center, Angel's Place and the people of New Orleans, and My home town family and Friends. I'm 15yrs. old. "What a Mighty God We Serve." Hope to See Ya on my site. Love To All, Micah

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Chase bank-Acct. 752813907. Again thanks

Micah "Tra" family: Sister's-Vashion(35), Crystal(25) Trenise(23), Anyalita(11) Brothers -Christopher(17)D'Onte(12) Elijah(10). From Crystal on down was adopted by our parent's-John and Valetta (Val) Roshell, my grandparents-Willie and Opal Walters all of DeRidder, Louisiana. Oh we have a very large family. A lot of aunts, uncles, cousins and many more. Tra also has 2-niece's and 6 nephews that he's proud of and love very much: Charlisse, Cassidy, Ja'Varie, and Ja'Vonte , Ja'Marrius, Ja"Carie, Malichi, and Jermiah all of DeRidder.

Micah whom we call "Tra" is a very sick little boy. He took sick with a headache the 4th of June. The next week he said his head was hurting real bad. He continued to do the things that a little boy would do. But the week of the 10,June Tra said I have a bad headache and toothache. My 19yr. old took him to his doctor. He found Sinus problems. Tra was put on some antibiotics. For two days, On day 3, Micah came home and said that his daycare teacher said he had hives. And that night he came to my room and said he was burning up and felt like he was on fire. Again to his doctor, Micah was put in Beauregard Memorial hospital on the 15th of June. His first layer of skin began to peel off and this child's temp was steady going up and he was in a lot of pain.

The doctor called me in his hospital room and stated to call my mother and get ready to leave for another hospital. We then went to Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in Lake Charles ,La. The doctor treated him for Kawasaki Disease. Tra was not getting better but worse. After about three days we were then transferred to New Orleans Children's Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. After about three days we were moved from the 5th floor to the 4th floor. But that's because Micah was then diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

During the stays at the three hospital our family visited as much as they could. Tra's dad was driving all over the place to keep up with what was going on, he even bought my sisters and brothers to visit. After about a week and a half of test and surgery's we found out he's in his Four-B stage of cancer.

Micah has to have Chemo and radiation treatments & will have to endure blood transfusions. (ROAD MAP)

Because of all the treatments he began to loose weight so now he has tube feedings. Doctors found lymph nodes on his liver so he had to have radiation. Then in Dec. they found a tumor in my throat area. Radiation again.

I'm getting ready to start chemo again. For the people who's keeping up with me and my family, please continue to pray for us. This has and is a hard battle to deal with. But my mom tells me all the time to be thankful for the time and life God has given me.

MICAH: Just want you to know that I'm still hanging in there. I have good days and bad days but I'm not going to give up. Sometimes its really hard for me because I WANT TO BE A NORMAL LITTLE BOY, but I know that can't happen right now. But I know that One-Day I will. My mom still have me doing school work because she says no matter what you need schooling. I.m getting ready for a Stem Cell transplant in November. So keep us in prayer. I'm trying to do all I can before my LOCK-Up. Hope to hear from you soon.

Micah's transplant was on Jan. 20, 2010. His treatment is Slowly but progressing. But we thank God for every moment. Micah is still in treatment. Micah has also received 2- Stem Cells (only) transfusion. Last one on August 3rd of 2012.