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Life! Yup :-)

Its been almost a month since I've posted an update and that month has been so full.  Every second counts, every minute matters as we've chosen LIFE and to squeeze every iota of it, LOL!  It really changes your perspective when you choose to celebrate life, realizing that the Lord is fully in control - no matter what.  It's been quite the ride so far, LOL!!

Well, Miata is my amazing miracle :-)  She continues to get stronger every day and is celebrating every step towards more "normalcy".  She was re-admitted back to college (YES!!), and she is so excited even still being on dialysis. What has really impressed me with her is her attitude and her ability to laugh at her "short-comings".  For example, the other day we were out shopping and got caught in the rain.  She immediately started to run, and realized how slow she was going and had to remember that oh my, these legs are not as strong and fast as they used to be. She had this perplexed look on her face like "What the heck"???", then burst out laughing!  It was classic.  Another time was when she was showing me how "high" she could jump.  Mind you this is the same young lady who won regional and national cheer competitions in the Jumps section. Well after "jumping" a couple of inches of the floor we just started rolling on the floor laughing at the "jumps". She has completed her out-patient therapy and is now working with her weights (ankle weights, dumbbells) for strengthening and conditioning at home. I am hoping that the weather kicks in soon so we can take it outside and she can join me in my adventures in walking:-)  But all in good time. 

We are moving along with the kidneys journey and I am SO blessed that truly altruist people have come forward and are willing to be screened as possible matches to be a living donor.  Yep, I got eliminated due to my borderline hypertension, and I was crushed. I wanted to be "the one" selected to give my child a 2nd chance. I have always felt that no-one loved my children more than me.  Yup, I am honest enough to admit that. But you know what, the Lord reminded me that Miata is His child and He knows and loves her even more than me. He does not need me to be the "hero" - that is not my place. What I was reminded of was His grace and faithfulness in this journey.  He is God after all, and I do place my trust in Him, Amen. What a humbling and comforting word.

Miata is, and will be good, Amen. All of us are on this journey. Speaking of which, her sister Malaika excitedly stepped forward to be a living donor, and is going through her evaluations.  So far she has passed the initial screenings, antibody levels, and is waiting on the results from some of the other tests to determine if she will be a viable match.  Praise the Lord - He is so AMAZING!.  Even if Malaika is not a viable match I still praise the Lord because He is good and He got this!     

Oh, before I forget!!  Some WONDERFUL family and friends got together and are planning a benefit/silent auction for Miata on Saturday May 3rd, hosted by New Hope Baptist church in St. Paul MN.  Below is the info:

Benefit on Saturday May 3rd, 2014

o New Hope Baptist Church

712 Burr Street, St. Paul, MN 55130

 Dinner 5:00pm

 Entertainment start 6:00pm

 Silent Auction 5:00pm – 6:30pm (must be present to win)

More to come.......

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Peggie Jackson-Hicks
By Peggie
Praise God for His grace, mercy, unfailing love and his manifold blessings! Great is His faithfulness and loving kindness which begins afresh each day! Again, i say thank you for sharing your journey, for it has allowed us to see a (modern-day) miracle! I love you all! Continuing in prayer for Miata and your entire family!
Rina Russ
By — last edited
Precious! Praise God for EVERYTHING!!
Armanda Barner
By Armanda
Wow! Just amazing, you are!! Can't wait for your book to come out or Lifetime Movie. Praising God for you and family!