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Another great week! Yup:-) 

Miata continues on her road to complete recovery and living life to the fullest, LOL!  It really does not matter what the various diagnoses are, as we choose to LIVE, and live life victoriously and abundantly every second squeezed to the fullest, LOL! That does not mean it is "easy", or that you don't get dog-tired and frustrated - its just that we take it in stride and move forward with the power and peace that Christ provides. Yes it's real :-)

So many things have happened in the past couple of weeks and in quick succession.  I've returned to work full-time - and THAT is an adjustment (for both Miata and me) being that I was the primary caregiver and now have to relinquish "control" to Miata, HAHAHAHA. But she's doing great :-)  LIVING!  She's gotten to hang out with friends - away from home (at night), now that was an adjustment for me - it took all my self-will NOT to call every hour on the hour, LOL! She is taking control of complex medications (I am impressed), LIVING! and the next thing now is to start looking at classes for the transition back to college mode.  Yes - God is So good!  We are moving forward in His power and might.

Last Thursday, we began the 2nd phase of this journey when she completed the Kidney Transplant evaluations and was deemed an “excellent candidate” for a kidney transplant. She was placed on the National Kidney waiting list where the wait time is ~3 to 5 years to receive a kidney from a deceased donor.   

The health team is really hoping for a Living Donor to donate one of their kidneys to Miata.  This is the 2nd best option for her (the 1st being the kidneys kick start – We are still praying for this option!), as the benefits are immeasurable – both for her and the donor. Less wait time, generally better outcomes, etc.. 

I could go on and on about the benefits, however the most important is that it gives Miata a 2nd chance at a full life here and it gives the donor that special satisfaction of being involved in saving a life and being involved in this continuing miracle in process. LOL! 

If you are interested in being screened as a potential living donor to Miata please see below:

  • Donor Age:  18– 75

  • Access Living Donor Website:

    • fill in health questionnaire

    • there will be spot where you will indicate Miata specifically

  • Contact Transplant Center Referral Line if you need help

    • 612- 672-7270

    • 1-800-328-5465

  • One of three nurses/coordinators will contact you to review the questionnaire and next steps (if you pass initial screening)

In the meantime, we are celebrating living and moving forward in the Lord's power and might.  More to come.......

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Alteria McCalister
By Alteria McCalister (MAC Sister) NHBC
I praise God for his faithfulness. I worship Him for His grace and mercy towards you all. God is so good. Thank you again for the updates. Munah you have truly been inspirational to those of us on the outside looking in. May God continue to bless you and your family richly. Miata stay strong, keep the faith and LIVE!!!
Vickie Enstad
By Vickie, Scott and Sydney Enstad
It is a miracle and I am so amazed at her progress! Going back to work must have been very scary for you both. Miata is a fighter and I hope they find a donor. I'm saying prayers for her continued strength and courage.
Amanda Thomas
By Amanda Thomas
So fascinating to keep up with how God has worked such miracle in Miatta's life! She is continuously in my prayers!
Peggie Jackson-Hicks
By Peggie L Hicks
Praise God for His power and peace allowing Miata to LIVE life victorious and to the fullest! It is evident that He is completing the good work that He has begun in Miata! Absolutely! Hallelujah! Joining in prayer for Miata's kidneys to kick-start! Thanks for keeping us informed
Rina Russ
By Rina Russ
Wow! God will CONTINUE to work His MIRACLES in Miatta's life!!
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cece greenhalgh
By cece
I am a donor. she may have these OLD kidneys of mine when I'm gone..LOVE u both.