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A Good Week :-)

Wow - another good week :-)   God is so AMAZINGLY awesome and I praise Him for just.......EVERYTHING! LOL!! If I had 10,000 toungues I just couldn't praise Him enough! I bless His Holy name because He is SO worthy to be praised.  He is my friend, my comforter, my Savior, my provider, my Everything.  He is steadfast and our Protector...forever! Amen.

Miata continues on her road to full recovery every day and this past week was just a treat :-) I look at her and just marvel at how the Lord is using her to show his steadfastness,  She is getting stronger each day and is looking forward to the future with hope. Yes!  So, although some days are more challenging than others she has a goal in mind - to get stronger each day :-)   Last week a couple of her friends stopped by (over Spring Break) and that was the best medicine! A couple of days ago we went to her college to talk about the process of transitioning back to school and one of her friends could not stop hugging her, hahaha! To see Miata walking the halls, remembering the twists in the tunnel to get to the office we were going to, seeing that sparkle in her eyes when talking to her friends about the future - I tell you my heart just wanted to burst!  God is SO Good! What He has started, He is indeed faithful to complete it!  Then of course she had the wonderful opportunity to share her story on Kare11 news last Sunday. All I can say about that is to God be the glory!
Here is link to the video and on-line article

Next week Miata begins the kidney transplant evaluations process, which of course the Lord has in His control.  His will, His way - He will make known (as always) which path we will be taking and I place my trust COMPLETELY in Him :-)  His plans are Good always!

More to come......
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Deb Bell
By Deacon Bell and Family
There's Nobody Greater Than HIM! We thank Him for showing Miata favor. He has a plan for her life. To God be the Glory! Continued prayers from our family for yours.
karli wandling
By Karli, Paige and the boys
Munah and Miata,

God is good for sure! Was home for 1 day last week and saw a late night repeat of Miata's story and it made my heart burst - for the strength that he has given all of you, for his healing and for the joy and inspiration that you continue to bring into each and everyone of our lives daily. You are a walking testament and I am so blessed to have you in my life. Take good care. Will stop by as soon as my travels slow down a bit!
Peggie Jackson-Hicks
By Peggie L Hicks
Amen! Amen! He is EVERYTHING, the Great I Am! Powerful testimony of His wonder-working power; I continue to stand in awe & just give Him praise! Miata, keep holding on to God's powerful, unchanging hand for He is not done with you yet! He has great plans for YOU! I love you and continuing in prayer for you!
Armanda Barner
By Armanda
All I can say is Hallelujah!.....and Praise God! Awesome God! Awesome testimony! Awesome You! Amen
Rina Russ
By Rina Russ
God gave us PARENTS for a REASON! That's all I'm saying!

He WILL FINISH what He has started, or else, why would HE START it?? Awesome!