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Enjoying Life :-)

Just sitting here celebrating the goodness of the Lord. Man, He is so good - I can't even form the words to express just how Good He is! Wow, all I can do is just laugh and laugh, as my heart is just full of praise, WOW!!  Makes me want to dance, makes me want to shout, makes me want to jump - IT'S ALRIGHT AND IT IS GOOD!!  Even with all the craziness (and they are ENDLESS, LOL!!!) I am just sitting back and thanking God, concentraing on the good! It just changes your perspective man - YUP!

Miata continues to make progress with her recovery - and we celebrate all the "firsts" out of the hospital! The other day we went on our first shopping "trip" to the mall (bought a couple of jeans as nothing fits - what a problem to have, right? LOL). Yesterday was the first time she walked into dialysis (as oppossed to using the wheelchair - yup there are long winding tunnels at the U).  The staff there cheered for her as she walked in - LOL! And today, after outpatient therapy she has her "first" real hair appointment, Yes! Hmm, maybe she will agree for me to post a picture - hahaha!  We'll see.  

So instead of focussing on the challenges, disappointments, diagnoses, etc we choose to focus on the good, and we celebrate these times in our way.  And yes, her crazy sense of humor (very dry) shows up as she laughs at some of the situations.  

For right now we are just enjoying life and choosing to focus on the good (Phillipians 4:8) - I am learning from her . 

More to come....   
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Tanyeno Wotorson
By Aunty Marva, Uncle Ambrose & Tanyeno (MD)
God is so good, I praise him and give him thanks! And pray the Lord with give mom the same grace (hospital). I've been telling people all day about the miracle Miata. But boy, alotta unbelievers about. Especially health care staff. But God is good, and the devil is a liar as we see here. Thank-God for her precious life back! Take Care... ~Tanyeno
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Rina Russ
By Rina Russ
Amen and AMEN!! In EVERYTHING, give THANKS and watch the CHAINS fall off!
On again, tomorrow with y'all.
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Melissa Covel
By The Covel's
We love and miss you guys so much! Miata is a very lucky girl to have such an amazing mom!
karli wandling
By Karli, Paige and the boys
Munah & Miata - love your "choice" and so glad that you are laughing and celebrating on the road to recovery. Praying for you, love you, miss you and will get over to see you soon after my crazy travels die down.
Peggie Jackson-Hicks
By Peggie L Hicks
Focusing on the good...amen! "For every GOOD and perfect gift comes from the Lord." He is completing the GOOD work which He began. 'All things work together for GOOD."

It's all GOOD! Praise God! I continue to rejoice with you for the GOOD and lifting you in prayer!
Peggie Jackson-Hicks
By Peggie L Hicks
Focusing on the good...amen! "For every 'GOOD" and perfect gift comes from the Lord.". He is continuing to complete the "GOOD" work which He began! It's all GOOD! I am continuing to rejoice with you and keeping you lifted before the Lord!
Armanda Barner
Munah and Miata, I thank God that you choose to enjoy life and is focusing on what is really important, all that is good! You both are an inspiration to me and many others. I'm amazed and continue to pray for you. You are on the right path! May God's favor continue to abound in you. Amen
Shannon Robideau
By Shannon Robideau
Munah and Miata,

The grace and patience you, Miata and your family have shown in this whole journey are such an example to us all. I look forward to each post and celebrate each success you experience. Your positive attitude is contagious and Miata is such an inspiration with all she has overcome and continues face head on. I love the message that you "choose to focus on the good." You are both AMAZING! Miata and your family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Shannon Robideau