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Hope & Praise (Yup!)

When Miata was discharged from the hospital on Feb 19 (3 weeks ago), I don't know what I expected.  I certainly was overjoyed to see her remarkable progress given all that she had gone through and I was excited to embark on the next "adventure", confident that although it wouldn't be easy it would be manageable. Yeah, right - that was me and my "Super-Munah" mentality!  Yes, me and the Lord, laugh at my delusions, LOL!!.  Fast forward 3 weeks later and I am here in shell-shock, realizing that no, despite my "wonder-woman" tendencies, I do not have a gigantic "S" tatoo on my chest, and, no that only exists in the imagination - definitely not in real life! It is only through God's grace, His love, His humor (yes), and His faithfulness that we are where we are right now.  It definitely was not by my doing! That's why I have hope, and that's why I continue to praise Him in the midst of confusion, pain, disappointments, frustrations and all-around chaos. 

Miata is, well what can I say.....she is getting stronger each day and I just marvel at what the Lord is doing with her.  Despite all the challenges, from dealing with me as the pimary care-giver (hahaha), to the effects of dialyses 3 times during the week, to frustrating in-clinic doctor vists/tests, physical therapy the other two days, navigating through myriad complex meds (she feels like she is ALWAYS taking pills, LOL!) and some of the side effects, getting adjusted to rebuilding her body mass, she deals with it all with grace and humor for the most part. She tells people if they stare "Yes, I am young and I am using this walker right now" or "Yes, I have a fat face" (from the prednisone) -" You can stop staring now" - all with a smile (HAHAHAHA!). Of course there are times when she is frustrated and/or sad with how things are right now, and with some of the "can'ts", and at those times we cry, pray, talk, and try to focus on the can's!  I keep reminding her that she is not alone, and yes, God does have a Good plan for her life - a plan to give her hope for the future. We just have to keep trusting Him and get through the now, enjoying it as best as we can.

Right now the doctors are readying Miata to be listed for kidney transplant.  Yup - she will be THE youngest double transplant receipent at the U if that is the way it goes.(But who wants that distinction???? ) She is scheduled to go through the transplant evals on April 3rd when she will be registered and the FUN begins. Of course a lot of my family are calling me wanting to be screened as possible matches, however we will take anyone who wants to donate one of their kidneys - even my 50 yr kidneys if usable (LOL!). I was told most folks have two kidneys and only use one in theirentire  lives. I pray that the we connect with a living donor - but we will cross that bridge when/if we get to that, because, the Lord has the last say in all of this no matter what.  No matter what I want - He loves and knows Miata so much more that me.  He knows the beginning, the end and the in-between, and He is so Good!  I praise Him for His unfailing promises, and I place my faith, trust and hope in Him. Look at what He's done so far??  Amen.

More to come.........

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Vickie Enstad
By Vickie, Scott and Sydney Enstad
So happy that Miata is at home. Yes there are tough times ahead but Munah you have the positive attitude to keep celebrating the everyday accomplishments with Miata. She has come so far and is so strong. I will continue to pray for continued strength and that there will be a donor found.
Peggie Jackson-Hicks
By Peggie L Hicks
Amen! To God be the glory! "He that began a good work will be faithful to complete it" in Miata! He sees, He knows and He will......continuing in prayer! I love you all!
Alteria McCalister
By Alteria McCalister (MAC Sister) NHBC
Remember God is with you and we are still praying for you. Psalm 34:19 declares " Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all." God has been a healer, a provider and will now be a deliverer to Miata. It takes the storm to prove the real shelter and that shelter is God. He is with you, He has covered you. Your faith has activated His power and I trust the Lord will continue to be faithful.

I thank you for sharing and I praise God for your faith. You have been a inspiration to many. Miata stay strong and keep moving forward in Christ! God Bless.
Rina Russ
He's STILL THERE in the STORM!! Latch onto His nail-pierced HANDS, hold on for dear life, like that in a space mountain ride, and RIDE WITH HIM!!! Miatta is COMING THROUGH, AGAIN!!!!