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One Step Closer :-)

Big Update!!!  After a week of working really hard (despite the "regular nausea" and now HBP), Miata is being discharged to the rehab facility today!!! YAY!!  She is SO excited to leave the hospital walls and begin "bootcamp" LOL!!  She is ready to roll!!

Yes, one day nearer, one step closer to full recovery!!  Praise the Lord Almighty. He is GOOD and WORTHY to be praised. 

He who began a good work in her is FAITHFUL to complete it.  Hallelujah and Amen!

More to come........



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Armanda Barner
By Armanda
Praise God is all I can say!
Barbara Benson
By Barbara
Yayy Miata! With a mom like Munah you don't have any other options but to push on and succeed. Munah, keep up the praise reports! I will continue to give God praise for the both of you...and Frank and Maliaka. You're all in this together.
Tony Stingley
By Tony Stingley
Great to hear. I'm sure she's more than ready for different scenery!! Continued good success.
Amanda Thomas
By Amanda Thomas
Thank you Jesus!!!
karli wandling
By Karli, Paige and the boys
such big and exciting news Munah. Let us know what we can do to help Miata and YOU! love and prayers for you both!
Rina Russ
AMEN!!! AND AMEN!!!! AND AAAAMEN!!! Been waiting for this update. Next one is, GOING HOME! Reclaim her little life again! What an awesome God! Awesome story! Wonderful testimony! Y'all actually survived your CROSS! He promised that when He gives it, you'll be ABLE to bear it, and YOU DID!

Thanks for the LESSONS of FAITH!
Alteria McCalister
Great is thy faithfulness. Thank you again for the updates and inspiration.
Vickie Enstad
By Vickie, Scott and Sydney Enstad
Excellent news!!
Runney Patterson
By The Pattersons
Great news!!! Our faith activates God's power!!!