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Mia’s Story

Hello friends and family-
Thanks for visiting Mia's website. But more importantly thanks for all the prayers and support coming Mia's way. Mia's leukemia diagnosis sent us in a torrent of emotion and chaos. But in the past few days, we have felt our friends and family rally around us in agreement for Mia's speedy recovery. Thanks so much. God's grace has been shown through you.

Mia has always been healthy and quite resilient. If you know her, you can attest to her character as being head-strong and decisive (ok, sometimes bossy). She loves ballet and all things Disney princess, just look in her room. She lacks no self-confidence and has no qualms performing random Christmas Carols, Disney songs and (don't tell Daddy) I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World.

We first noticed Mia was ill, Tuesday January 5th. She had a low grade fever and said her back hurt, but 20 minutes later she was running around with brother Sebastian. So no further concerns. When the fever didn't go away by Friday, mom and dad took her into the doctor. He checked her urine and found no problems there, told Em and Jaime to bring her in if she didn't improve. Sunday night we had family night, Mia was tired, had fever of 101 F, but looked ok and had no other symptoms. We were a little concerned, we prayed and Em vowed to take her back to the doctor the next day.
Then, Monday happened. Mia was very lethergic, fever remained the same, and her eyes were puffy. A quick blood result at the doctor showed white blood cells off the chart (a marker for leukemia) and extremely low hemaglobin (sign of anemia). Her liver and spleen were enlarged and distending her abdomen. They were pretty sure it was leukemia, but wouldn't know 100% until a bone marrow biopsy told us for sure. We tried to believe it was just a bad infection (maybe just a virus, they said) but when an ambulance showed up to rush Mia to Driscoll, Corpus Christi, it was omenous.
Sure enough, Monday night we were assured it was leukemia. Chemotherapy would start the next day. With that shock under our belts, we couldnt imagine anything being worse. But Tuesday escorted us into the ICU when Mia developed respiratory distress. 6 hours after her first chemo treatment, her breaths became fast and shallow, her blood pressure plummeted. She became combative and confused "You are not my friend!!! Only Sebastian, and Sinai!". The rapid break down  of the cancer cells sent toxins through the blood and caused Mia to go into septic shock, a dangerous downward spiral of low blood pressure, decreased oxygen to all organs, and a fast heart rate. Immediate intubation was done (breathing tube), Mia was sedated, and multiple drugs began infusing to help her body excrete the toxins. Her kidneys working overtime, her heart enlarging due to massive work of pumping the extra fluid, her parents by her side every minute watching over their precious baby while she struggles to fight cancer.

Latest Journal Update

Back to the Hospital....For One Last Time (Hopefully).

Ms. Mia will have to head back to the hospital on Wednesday for an endoscopy. Her stomach continues to hurt, burn and cause nausea. It comes around every week or so and lasts for about two days; she says it feels like a bomb in her stomach and like she is going to throw up. Her doctors say that she can't be on Prilosec for much longer and it doesn't seem to be working very well. Unfortunately, this means anesthesia, "pokes" and a visit to the Bear hospital. Jaime and I haven't told her yet- we are waiting till tomorrow. She gets a lot of anxiety when she knows a shot or hospital visit is we don't tell her till the last minute. Please pray she takes it ok and that she understands why this is necessary. But the following day we are visiting NYC for a few days- we are hoping that it's the incentive she needs to get thru the day.
Her headaches are back, too. Last Tuesday my heart dropped when she said saw 3 rainbow balls bouncing on the walls. But then she said her head hurt immediately and the pain ran down her legs. Ok- double gulp. Leg pain is a symptom of leukemia. BUT, after a quick response though from her neurologist team we believe Mia is experiencing migraine aura. It's a rarer type of migraine but for Mia "rare' is common. She has now had 3 in the last week. It may be weather related, too. Winter is here...cloudy and cold days and a dip in pressure. Still, another thing that is bringing her down. So please pray that these pass or that we find a way to maneuver around them. This girl needs 100% UP days!
But on her good days which are here a lot more these days- she is amazing! Miracle Mia ran a 5k two weeks ago, kicking and sparing her way thru Blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, taking her rock climbing to the next level and now starting up gymnastics (photo is from today-her first class). She still has such an amazing zeal for life! 
Thanks for praying for her this week- she will need it but will come back stronger and healthier for it. 
Love to you all from the Salazar family.
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Mamie Ramirez
By Mamie Ramirez
I'm praying for Mia's complete healing and that God will make whole. God will not leave you or forsake you. Love you guys.
Mamie Ramirez
By Mamie Ramirez
I'm praying for Mia's complete healing and that God will make whole. God will not leave you or forsake you. Love you guys.
Mamie Ramirez
By Mamie Ramirez
I'm praying for Mia's complete healing and that God will make whole. God will not leave you or forsake you. Love you guys.
Mamie Ramirez
By Mamie Ramirez
Prayers for complete HEALING for Mia. Stay strong we're all praying for you all. God will not leave you or forsake you. Love you all.
Lorelly Gonzalez
By Lorelly Gonzalez
I'm so sorry Mia continues to go through so much. I pray that doctors continue to find answers for her, so she can continue to enjoy her life to the fullest. God bless you Mia!
Betsy Head
Oh Emily, I hate this for Mia. I am standing firm that this is not leukemia. My heart sinks at the thought of Mia going through any more sickness, needles, and hospitals. Because she is such a courageous little girl, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, how can anything come against her? We are praying for her earnestly. We are also praying for you. Love you all and a special hug for Mia.
Judi Peters
By Judi Peters
Prayers for good results and NO migraines.
Sandy Green
By Sandy Green
Truly The Amazing Incredible Unbelievable Mia!!! You Rock!!
The Silva family, Oscar, Belinda & Demi
By Oscar Silva & Family
Praying for Mia!