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This is a "special" message to my dear sister Marilyn and her wonderful son Ian.  I do not know what or how I could do without you and I want you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to put forth and change your plans, whatever they may be, to run me here or there or pick up prescriptions or whatever.  I know that I can never repay all that it must really "cost" you but I assure you that if I could I would certainly attempt to do so.  I just want you and the world to know how much you both mean to Henry and to me.  And I'm not saying anything about the wheelchair "runs" through WalMart.  Though I must say, there is nothing quite like the wind in your hair (such as it is) as you do WalMart!  :-)

I love you Ian!  I love you Marilyn!  And don't you ever forget it!!

To all of you, I totally appreciate your continued prayers, love and support through this journey of ours.  Even though I've not been as in touch as perhaps I should have been, times have been rocky.  Still I feel your presence and it means the world.  I do hope you're feeling the love in return.  I am not down and out yet and still feel much of the better fight still left.  Your hanging with me only helps solidify that stance.  I ask you to please continue prayers for Henry as well.  And I pray God's Blessing on us all ...

Love to all,