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Many changes since I posted this on facebook yesterday

Hey everyone, many changes since I sent this yesterday. Not sure its pancrietitus anymore, but its been a long and scary week. Robson showed up today to speak to us and I'll go hope tomorrow, hopefully on the right meds and my stomach will settle down. I look pregnant and it kills, but being home is the best medicine. I'll let everyone know what's going on tomorrow after I get home and discharged. 

Thanks for the support to all of us. 

On Thursday night I was asked to come to Sloan about my pain levels and what the future was looking like. This was from the palpative medical team. Talking to Niomi was crushing as I packed my bag. I don't remember anything much from Friday but lots of sleeping. Saw my man Robson and he explained what was going on and how the team over reacted. They then came to see me and apologized. At 8:00 pm everyone left me and I had a milkshake. They then came in and said no food. WTF. It looks like I have pancreatitis which is very painful. This showed up on the scans but we didn't get the results till everyone including Robson had left. The sweats have caused the pain patches to not work and the reason I'm so bloated is the pancreas. I am not allowed to eat anything till they decide the pancreas is calm and to get the pain med figured. Today was a horrible day and I could only walk one block. Who knows when I am going home and Florida is out. Way to scared to fly. Let's keep our finger crossed I can eat tomorrow. I miss my baby and this school thing is crazy. I'm not taking visitors right now and will update as the pain lowers. Love always, Meredith 

Thanks to my friends who are helping Gary with Niomi and sending him food.