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Week 59

Baruch Hashem (Thank G-d) Mel's progress continues.   Although the recovery is not yet complete, we are grateful every day for how far Mel has come!

To formally express this immense gratitude, we would be very honored for you to join us at Suburban Orthodox Toras Chaim, 7504 Seven Mile Lane, after services on Shabbat Pinchas, July 12, 2014 for a Kiddush Hodaah (Celebration of Gratitude).   Mel and I would love to see you there!

Thank you for all your support.  Hope you can join us on the 12th!

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Judy and Marvin Pachino
By Judy and Marvin Pachino
We would love to be there with you, but...

We're so happy and thankful together with you for the extent of Mel's recovery to this point, and we continue to pray...

We are also grateful, Judy, for the inspiration and spiritual perspective that you have conveyed through your journal entries. Hopefully, our paths will cross at s'machot in the near future.

Judy and Marvin
Steven Exler
Wish we could be there to celebrate in person! Have a bowl of (vegetarian!) cholent for us! Hope to see you soon! Love, Steven & Shira + Ilan :)