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Week 54

Mel's recovery continues to awe and inspire.  At this point,  I have decided to update this blog only on occasion, and what an occasion I have to report!

Mel decided last week that he felt up to the challenge of walking in the Jewish Caring Network 5K Race/Walk. With our beloved Rabbi Silber (and friend Ari Lerner - not pictured) by his side, he walked with confidence and relative ease.  Anyone who knows Mel and most of you do by now, we can all agree that his competitive nature has served him well. Of course, he set a goal for his 3.1 mile walk. As he crossed the finish line, he looked up at the official time clock. With disappointment, he noted that the clock read 1:00:40, just shy of his goal of 1:00:00. Thinking quickly, he clicked the button to stop his phone stopwatch app. The one he had set as he started the race.  Realizing that the official clock had started when the first runners had set off and that he had waited for them to clear the area, he looked down and smiled.  Not only had he managed to reach his goal but had surpassed it!  He and his entourage crossed the line at an incredible 58:26, just 18.7 minutes per mile! Dancing and singing accompanied him past the finish line and for minutes after. Looking back just 9 months,

I picture Mel attempting the first painstaking steps around the therapy room at Kernan with walkers, two assistants and me trailing behind with his wheelchair. Superimposed over that image, is the Mel in the picture below and shortly after when he returned home and told me about the race, a beautiful smile lighting his face.  He wasn't even worn out.  Miracles happen every day!

Please keep Mel in your prayers and thoughts. His recovery to date is amazing, but with G-d's help there is much more to come.
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Ruti Eastman
By Ruti and Avi Eastman
We are overjoyed at Mel's success! Thank you for illustrating over these weeks and months how prayer matters, how determination matters, how the love and support of family and friends matter. May Mel and all of you who love him become stronger and stronger, day by day.
Judy Schnidman
By Judy Schnidman.
Wow!!! Judy, I am so inspired for this coming Sunday and the Women's 5K. Mel, you are truly an inspiration, may you go from strength to strength.