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Week 52 - The one year mark approaches

As we approach the year mark (May 3 - next Shabbat), we are awed by the year of challenge and Hashem's (G-d's) guiding hand throughout.  We are ever grateful for the support and chesed (kindness) of you, our family, friends, and community! 

Mel is doing beautifully!  He is completely independent, walking miles at a time with no support apparatus and stamina that many would envy, driving himself and me everywhere with agility and strength along with noteworthy reflexes. He is doing so well, that his PT told him yesterday that she will be discharging him soon. His accomplishments are off the charts!

Mel continues to bring me such nachat (joy) when he reaches a high shelf or carries bags up and down the steps with relative ease. I often find myself smiling at small tasks and big as I watch him continue to succeed and to improve.

It has been a very eye-opening year. As we look back, it seems the road was impossible, yet we have made it back to relative normalcy. We will never view life the same as we did back on 5/2/2013. We have been transformed by the ability to recognize Hashem's miracles every day.

Thank you all for sharing and caring.  Thank you for the prayers that we hope you will continue until Mel gets full sensation as well as full hand strength and function.  May Hashem bless us all with health!

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lisa jacobs
By Lisa Jacobs
So very happy for you both. Your love and strength together have made the most of Hashem's blessings.
Ruti Eastman
By Ruti and Avi Eastman
Amen! And the wisdom to always appreciate the gifts that allow each of us to do whatever we are able to do. Thank you both for inspiring us over the past year. May you and yours go from strength to strength, for long, healthy, happy years.
joyce and paul kalish
So beautiful to hear. May Mel continue to make great strides in all of his efforts and mazel tov on both of you being honored!
mindy lipowitz
So glad Mel is doing so well!!! Hope things continue to improve!! Love Mindy & Jud lipowitz
Aharon Newman
By Aharon/Alan Newman
Beautiful post and message! May Hashem continue to bless Mel with a refuah sheleima, and may Hashem reward you for your strength, perseverance and positive attitude throughout this challenging time in your lives.
Barbara Klaff
By Barbara and Michael Klaff
Amen! Your collective strength and belief in G-d have been unwavering. May it continue as Mel strives to make improvements to full recovery. You both remain in our prayers.
miriam robbins
By Miriam
Amen V'Amen. I almost cried when he came in Erev Yom Tov , alone , to pick up his order. Boruch Hashem! May he continue to get better & stronger every day!
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Esther Moses
By Esther Moses
Just want you to know that reading your beautiful updates about Mel, and your complete belief in Hashem's goodness is very, very refreshing! We're all rooting for Mel for a complete refuah sh'leimah in all manners of well-being. May Hashem continue to guide the hands of the professionals and continue to instill in Mel that absolutely strong will to overcome all obstacles. And may you, Judy, be the model for all wives,spouses, children, families and friends to show how important it is to have someone like you be the helpmate and guiding light to a loved one! Only besuros tovos!
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