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Week 43

One of the therapists that worked with Mel in the early days at Kernan spotted him during his PT session this past Monday.  Her delight as she approached him, and her exuberance as she exclaimed over his remarkable recovery thus far were profound.  As Mel passes the 10 month mark post-accident, he continues to amaze. All the professionals consider his progress off the charts and that is a continual source of encouragement.  The changes are more gradual and refined, yet Mel maintains his positive outlook and his determination to improve.  He longs for full feeling to return and tries to remain patient and optimistic. 

I have decided to write less frequently, for there is little new to report.  Please do not take that to mean there is less for which to pray.  Full recovery is still a fervent wish and goal.   We are incredibly thankful to all who continue to daven (pray) for Mel's recovery and to Hashem (G-d) for answering so many of those prayers.  Please, please continue.  

Rosh Chodesh Adar (the new month of Adar) reminds us of our communal responsibilities, the need to look out for our fellow man. Thank you all for looking out for us during this challenging time in myriad ways.  In your merit, may the upcoming Purim (holiday) be filled with achdut (unity, togetherness) and joy!