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Great results!

Great news! My tumors have shrunk an overall 32%.... Up from 26% last month! I am considered a partial response now and am going for the full response! (However long it takes as long as it is shrinking, I am in no hurry):) they said they are using my model to treat someone else. ... Please pray that it works for this person too! The docs and scientists said they are following the "Bachini model" ......I said I like that name. ....definitely catchy! ;) I told them to feel free and name it after me! God is so very good! I am overflowing with gratitude! Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers! Love you. ... Melinda
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Sara Denn
By Sara Denn
Ok, found your caringbridge again... How are you today? Would love an update here and cc foundation blog. We are rooting for you, Melinda!
Alison Neustrom
By Alison Neustrom
Hi Melinda - thank you for sharing your story. I was diagnosed in early October - although the surgeons and oncologists disagree if I have pancreatic or cholangio...thank you for sharing!
Julie Tupker
By Julie
Melinda, I am going to read through all your Caring Bridge posts, but wanted to post a comment of my own. I , also, was just diagnosed at the end of Feb with Intrahepatic CC and had surgery at Mayo (Rochester) to remove 2 segments of my left liver node. There ended up being two tumors, a 5.? cm one and a small, quarter of an inch size sister tumor. I'm now at 7 weeks post op and waiting for two of the 6 incisions to heal well enough to start chemo (probably gemcitabine and cisplatic....never thought I'd need to know those words). I had no seen mets to any place other than the large tumor in the liver itself and they got clean margins of 2.2 cm. Still, I'm pretty scared about the future and reading about your treatment has given me some hope,. My oncologist had told me that our immune systems don't do a great job of killing off this cancer, but I'm thrilled to read of your success, what it might mean for others of us diagnosed with this nasty disease, but also for you personally. You give hope to all of us. Thank you for sharing your story. Julie T.