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#Pray4Meg has gone VIRAL!

Have you noticed all of the #Pray4Meg photos posted on Facebook lately? Thank Meg's sister, Molly for this! She recently posted the following message with the attached photo:

Molly: "Alright facebook. We see things going viral everyday. So, that being said, let's see how viral we can make #pray4meg. Upload a picture that says #pray4meg and then tag away! I want to see lots of these by tomorrow! Let's show our angel how much she is loved!"

Since this post by Molly, many #Pray4Meg photos have circulated, some being very creative!

Want to participate? Post a photo and tag Meg's family. You can also email your photo to and we will post the photo for you. Be sure to type #Pray4Meg on your photo description and where you're from.

Thank you for your continued support! #Pray4Meg